The rain, finally.

3 09 2007

For the past two hours, a light rain has been falling. It is the first rain I’ve seen since I’ve been back from the States, a little over a month ago. We need rain so badly here as everything is so dry and burnt. Ash floats in whole pieces in the sky and settles randomly–the other day, while sitting outside by the pool at my friend’s house, long strands of ash floated down from the sky and fell onto my leg, trapped itself in the pool water, or got caught back up again and floated away into the sky. Tonight we were blessed with rain and again, finally, I heard thunder and saw bright strands of lightning rip through the sky over the tall heavy buildings, over the luckless running people down below my apartment window.




2 responses

4 09 2007

I think we’re finally going to get some rain today, too. I love to watch lightning.

4 09 2007

Ah, the lightning here is fabulous. The sky is SO dark, which is surprising for a big city, and so when the lightning strikes it illuminates the whole sky. I’ve never seen lightning and heard thunder like I do here. I used to be afraid, years ago, but now I really look forward to it. Mostly because thunder and lightning means that the weather will cool down a little bit.

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