One of the current challenges in education.

4 09 2007

As if the grammar issue isn’t enough

As an educator in both the private and public sectors, I am outraged by this debate and see it as one of a myriad of issues I face in the classroom on a daily basis. The commentators are right: education truly is all about access, about parent involvement, about having and creating a democratic classroom. This particular video is about Science, but even though I am an English teacher, the basic arguments still apply.

I’d love to know what you think.




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5 09 2007

Look at us! I comment on your post, you comment on mine and then I find out that we’re both English teachers! I think we’re long lost best friends or something.

5 09 2007

Whale education? That debate was absurd. In all honesty, I thought it must have been a joke while I was watching it. I taught math for a short time (okay, two weeks) and discovered that my eighth graders didn’t know how to do long division and weren’t familiar with their multiplication tables. If only I’d known all I had to do to fix their education problem was teach them about whales! Gosh.

5 09 2007

I LOVE The Onion, have you heard of it before? It’s the most hilarious “news” on the planet. I showed it to my teacher friends and to some of my students. We all die laughing when the woman starts her whale song. You should check that website often because they put the funniest stuff up there. I’d love to work for them, but I’m not nearly that funny.

5 09 2007

Oh, and Melina–Yay for teachers!

7 09 2007

I think education is more a social responsibility, a method of strengthening our people against all odds, using formal education and informal part equally good and effective. I feel teachers have been the most important influence on me after my parents, I would say a little more in my parents case because I have spent the maximum time with them.
When you talk about classroom education, I would feel its more of how best you could inspire the person to learn more, I am sure we all know the limitation of how much a teacher can teach, I feel the best I got from my teacher was “want to learn”, “where to look” and “Whats right”

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