Setting things straight.

17 09 2007

I have some students who are under the impression I am leaving the school and leaving Brazil in November of this year. Let me tell you, for the record, I AM NOT LEAVING IN NOVEMBER.  They have just recently found this blog, these new 7th graders, and I’m afraid they’re not yet up to date about my ramblings. That’s the danger of these things you know, not reading all of them, not following the story line from the very beginning, entering into the middle of the plot, so to speak.

So, dear students, rest assured your quirky English teacher is staying put for quite some time.  Yes, there are months and whole quarters left for us to share our time together, to partake in a mountain of grammatical adventures, to bask in the glory of Shakespeare, and to put our noses to the grindstone and read and write for hours on end. Oh, think of the homework!! I know how much you are looking forward to that, and I want you to know, without a shadow of a doubt, there will be much more to come, well past the month of November, in terms of homework. Have no fear. We’ll have plenty of time together.
You may clap now.

(They really do clap. Remember how I told you they clapped for my biceps? It’s really true. They clap a lot.)




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17 09 2007

hi! Ms.c! I know that you are not leaving November, but I know that someday you are leaving like me. I feeling so sad and nervous when I am thinking of leaving this beautiful country, friends, school and everything. Please, help me. It seems like that my all days are in a panic and sorrow. Ms.c, give me some suggestions for me to get out of worrying. Bye!

17 09 2007

I know what you mean about having to leave Brazil. It is beautiful and it’s hard to leave friends behind. Have you seen the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?” I don’t know what it’s called in Portuguese, but I’ll help you find it. Anyway, there’s a moment in the film that Joel, the main character, realizes he’s running out of time to enjoy being with another character, and he says what he needs to do it “just enjoy it.” I think that’s kind of the same thing with you and me needing to leave Brazil and our friends. But first and foremost, don’t worry. I have another amazing friend who said, “Home is wherever you have friends.” And that’s true. If you keep your good friends here, this will always be your home.

17 09 2007

All right! Thanks Ms.C. It is kind of surprise that you answered really quick! I have just left the comment here. Anyway, I have heard of that movie, but I haven’t watched it yet. Someday, I will go to Blockboster and lend it.
I always console myself that leaving Brazil is sad, but it will make me to make more friends. If I think this way, it makes me feel better. But it is true that it is sad to leave Brazil and someday I will truly leave here (actually I want to live here. :D). It will be sad, but I should get over it. It is a part of my life. Also, leaving Brazil doesn’t mean that losing friends forever. People will remember me, I guess and I will remember them. How sad !

17 09 2007
robespiere beetalius

Clapped for your bicep? I really do need to keep up. It’s not surprising though. You always did have sweet guns. “Which way to the beach? I don’t know but the gun show is THAT way?!!!” aaaaaand flex.

18 09 2007

The treachery of one’s blog falling into the wrong hands! Last year the whole neighborhood was convinced I was writing a book all about them. Since they don’t understand or read English they imagined all sorts of scandals being recorded for the world to see.
I just arrived and I’m already anticipating a return back to the U.S. in December to wait for my residency visa to be approved in Brasilia. Happiness is just living the moment and not anticipating tomorrow. And speaking of anticipating, I just hope I get my permanent visa in time to get back for Carnaval!

18 09 2007

Ooh! Carnaval! I went to Rio last year and it was FABULOUS!!!!! Will you stay in Bahia for it, or will you travel? I’ve heard there’s so many good celebrations going on around the country. (Are you down here on a tourist visa now? For how long will you be back in the States?)

19 09 2007

I’ll spend carnaval in Salvador. I’m here on a tourist visa, but i’m getting married next month and then returning to San Francisco in early Dec. with my marriage certificate in hand to apply for permanent residency, which the consulate in SF tells me will take 6 to 8 weeks. So if all goes well I´ll be back before Carnaval with a perm. residency visa stamped in my passport!

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