A gift to start my day.

18 09 2007

One of my 7th grade boys walked into my classroom this morning, before classes began. His friend, accompanying him, announced, “Ms. C, he has something to give you.” This ‘He’ walked into the room with two fists closed. The two boys were giggling and I immediately thought they were going to present me with something I really didn’t want, like trash.

“Don’t give me something gross,” I said, imagining a dead bug or chewed gum. I wasn’t being negative, honestly. But I have begun to learn what makes 7th grade boys laugh, and often it’s making their female teachers scream.

“It’s not gross,” the boy said. And before I knew it, he had both hands held open. “Choose one.” In front of me were two small clay monsters, painted purple or green, and designed to hold a pencil in their mouths. “I made them,” he told me. I chose the green one. It has a dark brown tail and ridges along its back and looks like the cross between a Muppet and a dinosaur with big googly clay eyes. It sits perfectly flat on my desk and has bright red lips. We found a brown pencil that would best fit in the monster’s mouth, and I asked if the monster had a name. When my student told me it didn’t, I named the monster after him, which seemed to suit him just fine seeing that a few minutes later he brought a different friend into the room to introduce to the monster named after himself. 

I remembered my mother always saying it was the homemade presents that meant the most and as I’m getting older and working with younger kids I’m seeing that’s true. Not that I ever expected to receive presents from kids, but it’s the small things that mean the most to me. I don’t think that boy knew he would give that monster to me today. And I don’t know why he decided to give it to me. But when he did, it was a good moment for both of us. It was a pretty good way to start of a regular Tuesday at work.




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18 09 2007

How cute! I hope you’ll post a picture of it. When I was student teaching, this cute little 4th grader bought me a book at the Book Fair. I still have it and thought it was so nice that he wanted to buy his favorite book for me.

18 09 2007
Nilsa S.

Hi! I come to you by way of Indie Bloggers! There, I read your Rapidinho post and today I read of gift-giving. Seems like the karma has come back around in your favor. I look forward to learning more of your time in Brazil.
PS – They tell me my name might be Brazilian Portuguese, though I am not.

18 09 2007

Welcome, Nilsa! (that is a great name, btw.) The robbery post actually happened to me in March but Indie Bloggers didn’t post it until yesterday. And in terms of karma, I hope it’s come back around!!

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