At least it’s not “Friends.”

18 09 2007

I see nothing wrong with renting  three discs at a time of  “Sex and the City,” Blockbuster employees, so you can stop with the judgment already.




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18 09 2007

That’s why I asked my dad to rent the entire seventh season for me.

And whaddaya mean, “at least it’s not Friends”?!

18 09 2007

Wait, do they have a 7th season? Which one is the last one, 6th or 7th? Whatever, the one where she goes to France with that annoying guy.

18 09 2007

6 seasons, my dear. And that “annoying guy” is Mikhail Baryshnikov, one of the greatest ballet dancers in history.

18 09 2007

Well, I never really cared for ballet. I used to when I was six or seven, but then this girl punched me in the stomach during class and whenever I think “ballet”, I think “agonizing gut pains” and “evil seven-year-old b**** who punched me”, so…
And anyway, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s annoying, and sappy, and annoying, and girly, and annoying. And annoying. I HATE that guy.


19 09 2007

Hahah! I love sex and the city. I have only sen it nce on TV while i have been here : [
I love all those programmes. By the way… You look really nice today Miss C

19 09 2007

(What are you doing on WordPress in the middle of the day?? You better have study hall!)

20 09 2007

My sister and I wanted to watch Crossroads (yes, the one with B. Spears – yikes) many years ago and I was accosted at the check-out line. The owner of the rental store yelled to the entire store that I was renting Crossroads because he was so appalled that anyone would watch it and wanted to embarrass the people that did. I was so humiliated and angry – If he hated it that much, why even have it in his store? Ugh.

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