Link-a-licious Info Session

19 09 2007

4 is my lucky number. It is also the number of posts I’ve done today, including this one. It is also the month of my birthday and the number when the day of my birthday’s digits are added together (22.) It is also a good way to organize information. And to share stuff about my life that you maybe didn’t know. Plus, there’s links!! Lots of them!

4 jobs I’ve had in life:
Bookstore clerk (cashier, stacker, puller, etc.)
General store clerk (I cut meat, sorted mail, ran the cash register, rented videos, cleaned up)
Teacher (English/History/Geography/Advisory, Humanities/Literature/SAT Prep/Advisory, Summer High School Principal, Writing Consultant)
Secretary (Real Estate, CPA’s office, executive, hospital, Hospice)

4 places I’ve lived:-

In a car for a month in New Zealand
Jackson, MS
In the woods in Vermont for two months, at Merck Forest & Farmland Center
Aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer in the Caribbean Sea for 6 weeks

4 favorite foods:

Bread/tortillas/nachos/pasta-ish material
Any combination of the above 3 foods

4 places I’d rather be:

On a beach
Spending someone else’s money at clothing stores in the US (did we see these outfits, people?)
Starbucks, anywhere in the world, drinking one of these.

4 t.v. shows I like to watch:

CBS Sunday Morning
Sex and the City
Anything on the Discovery Channel
Anything on the History Channel

4 websites I view daily:

4 computers I’ve owned:
I’ve only owned 2 that were all mine from start to finish. They are/were both Macs. I’m writing on one of them now.




12 responses

19 09 2007

ms.c ive just printed my 2 draft short story. Couldent you have putten that before so that i could use the information??? I think ill just put it in the 3 draft. i think your going to like my story and i also have a picture of you in it.

19 09 2007

Miss Luana, there are no pictures allowed in your short story! (Especially of me!!! AND short stories are supposed to be fictional!!)

19 09 2007

Ms. C! 4 is my lucky/favourite number aswell!
4 being the date of my birthday.
4 Being the month of my sisters birthday
22 (2+2) being the number of my mums birthday
and my dady also.
Wierd huh?.

19 09 2007

It won’t really be a non-fiction story if she has a character based on you, will it? Unless the events and stuff are real too. Does a fictional story have to be COMPLETELY fictional?

You cut meat? You lived in a ship? In the woods?
How come I don’t know this stuff? You’re supposed to tell us all the interesting and weird stuff that you’ve done before.


19 09 2007

Dear ms.C i´ve already printed the photo but anyway i have a surprise for you tomorow and i am sure you will like it!!!!!

19 09 2007

You will see me tomorow and the surprise is not my hair wich be now is really different from how it was.


but it is different

19 09 2007

If I do not own the Changing Tides Wide Leg Jean this season I will end my life.

20 09 2007

I have started a wishlist on that website. I am already up to $1009 and going strong. It is a crime to put that kind of clothing on the Internet for me to look at and NOT offer International shipping.

20 09 2007

Your birthday is Sept 22? Mine is the 28. I’ll be the big 3-0. I’m hoping the package I sent you arrives in time for your birthday.
: )

20 09 2007

Oh, my birthday’s April 22 (4/22). I make my students memorize this date and then I give them a quiz all about me for bonus points. It’s really fun.


20 09 2007

Again with me and the confusion. What is my deal? Of course your birthday is in April because that’s month 4. Geez. How is it that I have an Accounting degree again? : )

Yes! I sent something when we talked about shipping prices and I feel like it was ages ago – I can’t believe it’s not there yet because I thought they said 6-10 days!!! I’m dying over here. I’ll be so sad if you don’t get it. : (

20 09 2007

It could EASILY take upwards of a month. NOTHING happens that quickly in Brazil. I’m sure it’ll get here but the first two packages I got took a month. Others have taken 2 weeks, and one more that I’ve been waiting for from Threadless t-shirts I ordered JULY 29TH and IT’S STILL NOT HERE. So, point is..? It’ll get here when it gets here. (My friend just three weeks ago received a CD in the mail that was sent, get ready, a YEAR ago.)


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