A lucky key chain.

20 09 2007


This morning, one of my students presented me with this key chain, a florescent yellow die, tucked into the bottom of a cute box that also contained a small box of two chocolates from the States. (And, when I ate them after lunch, they tasted just like home, with hazelnut.)

I hugged my student and thanked her as it was quite a surprise to receive something this morning and especially, because of the events of the night before, I was moved beyond words by her kindness. I put the keychain on my original bright yellow “caipirinha” key chain, (also a gift from one of the first people I met here) and carried it around with me all day.

It wasn’t until I walked into the elevator at home that I looked closely at it and noticed that the key chain was actually quite personal. My student had colored in the 4 side of the die. She’d read yesterday here on this blog that my lucky number is 4. And when I noticed that, I smiled, feeling tears of gratitude prickle at the corners of my eyes. I stood there holding the tiny thing in my hand, staring at it and shaking my head, feeling myself rise in the elevator 10 floors.

Today, of all days, was the day I needed a little extra something. I had no idea that “something” would come to me in the form of a tiny yellow die, intended to be full of luck from a young girl, as I stood in the elevator going up toward home.




8 responses

20 09 2007

dear ms c

im so glad you liked the die, i wasent sure if you would like it .

LUCKY of you for liking it
see you tomorrow……………………….luana

20 09 2007

I love it, Luana. It’s a very special present. Thank you.

20 09 2007

See? Four! One for each of your angels.

(I followed the link to your site from Indie Bloggers.)

20 09 2007

your students there sound like amazing kids…funny, sweet and thoughtful.

21 09 2007

So sweet. I think it makes it even more special that you didn’t notice it right away.

21 09 2007

Awww that’s so sweet! I noticed before posting my comment that there were only 4 comments so thought I would break the #4 trend. Your students seem really thoughtful and concerned.
Hope today was a better day.

21 09 2007

Oh, I have so much to be lucky for today! These kids are really fabulous individuals…Today is certainly a much better day than yesterday. That pit in my stomach has dissolved.

21 09 2007


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