And in the background, I heard dueling banjos.

24 09 2007

I walked behind two of my former students down the hill to lunch today. One girl, moving her arms about clearly excited, was telling the other about a cute boy who she wants to marry.

And who is her cousin. (Rather, her cousin’s cousin.)

“Ms. C, haven’t you ever kissed your cousin?”

I assured her quite firmly I had not.

The other girl, grinning, said, “I think I started a trend by falling in love with my cousin! Now she’s going to fall in love with her cousin!”

Last year I knew of this particular girl’s romance with her cousin, who lives hundreds of miles away in the north of Brazil, and couldn’t believe my ears when she went on and on about him in class, how cute he was, how handsome.

“Ms. C,” the first girl said, smiling. “I think you’re the only person who’s never tasted a cousin!”

There’s a good deal of embarrassing moments when you’re learning another language. I’ve made several mistakes myself over the past year in Portuguese. And as a teacher, I think it’s my job to correct my students and to teach them how to communicate well. But I gotta tell you, that one sentence right there, the one about “tasting,” shut me up and made my eyes bug out. I didn’t quite know where to begin explaining about that one.




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24 09 2007

I hear that cousin tasting is gaining popularity in other parts of the world. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before it catches on here in the states. Give it a little time.


24 09 2007

Tasting your cousin. Ew. im not sure about Brazil, but in my culture that’s kinda wrong. I would never even want to ‘taste’ my cousin.

24 09 2007

That’s just wrong. Here in Brazil, too. Except if you said “provar meu primo,” people would just look at you weird, and not think about what you think about if you talk about, um, “tasting your cousin.”
Well, maybe they would. Portuguese is confusing.


24 09 2007

Baby C, the problem is that they ain’t kiddin’, we got this community of weird cousin-lovin’ people, I remember once, I was at the mall with someone I don’t remember, and she turned to me and this was the dialogue:
“Yay, I’m seeing my cousin!”
“Yeah, and thank God my boyfriend isn’t here?”
“Why? Since when do you have a boyfriend?”
“Because I’m cheating on him with me cousin, I’m making out with him now”
Pretty creepy, huh? I was shocked… There are so many weird things showing up this year… and I’m in charge of solving most of them… (2 out of my list of infinity, until they show up again…)

24 09 2007

Yes, it was all very strange….I think we have that sort of thing somewhere in the backwoods of many states in the US, too.

24 09 2007
rob aka 'bocephus'

I did have a cousin on the Italian side of the family who was very, very attractive. But he and I never kissed!!
(I did think impure thoughts about his sister though 😎

25 09 2007

….and his sister was also your cousin….?

25 09 2007
rob aka 'bocephus'

Yeah but she was really really hot!
I never really did think impure thoughts but there was some discussion amongst my brothers and I about how distant a cousin would have to be before it was ok to make out with them. They were third cousins we’d see once a year maybe. We still figured that would be weird. I did know a boy and girl in grade school who were ‘going out’ and who later found out they were cousins! It was a pretty funny and I thought it was only right considering she should have been going out with me.

25 09 2007

Right. Naturally.

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