They’re not joking about the “Handle with Care” thing.

27 09 2007

It was like a reward, you know? As soon as I made up my mind to go home, only good things—like really good things—started to happen. Weather, feeling relaxed, running longer and harder than I’ve ever been able (and thus sweating more, but let’s overlook that for now please.) The point: things have been good in the past couple of days.

Today’s event, however, was the crowning moment of the Good Things. It came in the form of a bright yellow 3M mailer from Jennie, divine creator of Trim & Fashionable, and reader of this very blog. She sent it out on August 29th and today, nearly a month later, it arrived along with something I’d already ordered in the mail from a Brazilian store. So two packages on one day: excellent.

BUT—it wasn’t ’til I’d opened Jennie’s package that “excellent” was an understatement. People: she sent me Hershey Kisses. TWO BAGS OF HERSHEY KISSES. And even though it’s been hot and gross recently (not since I made up my mind, though. It’s been beautiful since then,) these Kisses are in perfect condition. I had to rip open the bag immediately just to check them out–you know, make sure they were still edible. After a solid twenty minutes of sucking these things down, I can tell you they are very edible. Hershey Kisses travel well.

So, here’s to the Lovely Jennie, restorer of proper American chocolate levels in my bloodstream, giver of cookie recipes, and Postal Angel. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. You made my day!

Kisses in Campinas, Brazil




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28 09 2007
Nilsa S.

Happy day to you! I remember in high school, I was a pen pal with a guy from my hometown who was fighting in the (first) Iraq war. When I asked him if there was anything he needed, his response was packets of Kool-Aid. It was the only thing he wanted. It reminded him of home. Amazing how the little things really do matter.

28 09 2007

I did that same project! I remember sending in packets to a person named Chris, but I didn’t know if it was a girl or a boy and when I wrote asking him or her that question, I never heard back.

1 10 2007

I love the picture where the kisses are hanging over the edge – too cute! I’m glad they arrived in such good condition. : )

1 10 2007

*I* was almost over the edge not having had them in a month! 🙂
Thanks again!

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