This time last year.

1 10 2007

Happy October, everyone! Time is flying. Browsing through my own blog today, I wondered what it was I’d done a year ago today and found this post. I remembered so clearly what the experience was like, and I laughed my way through reading the post.

I’m so glad I have the ability to think back over the past year and have a place to turn to–this blog–and find out what I was doing, where I was on my learning curve, what kinds of things I was eating or doing. I think everyone should have a blog, if only to see how much growth there’s been over a year’s time.

With respect to that particular post concerning Portuguese, there’s been a great deal of growth. I can get around all on my own, figure out almost any situation with relative fluency and comfort. I still struggle at times, but compared to my speaking ability a year ago, I’m a whole different person.

The big news today, of course, is that Dennis bought his ticket to come to Brazil again! Can you believe he’ll be here in 26 days? By the time we see each other again, we’ll have been apart for three months already. It seems impossible that much time could have passed already. And between now and then, I have two big trips: one to Pouso da Cajaíba between Rio & Paraty, and another to Rio for the AASSA Conference. That next weekend, Dennis arrives and he’ll stay until mid-December when we’ll both go back to the States for the holidays. And then…? Back for another six months here and then it’s home again. Home to the States for good.

Like I said, time is flying.




6 responses

1 10 2007

Years go by so quickly. Enjoy your October because it looks like you have tons to look forward to …Happy Fall to us and Happy Summer to you!

1 10 2007

Thanks! Although from the recent weather, you wouldn’t think it’s getting that much warmer. It’s long pants and long sleeves weather here.

1 10 2007

It’s so wonderful to have people come down from home to visit!

2 10 2007

I know! AND they can bring me things from the States! Hershey Kisses, Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, my sneakers that are sitting in Dennis’ closet, books….

2 10 2007

I want books so badly…I shipped a box down that’s supposed to arrive in late Oct…..can’t wait.

2 10 2007

Oh, you’re so right. Besides Starbucks, the thing I miss most is a good bookstore.

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