A little bit of paradise on Joaquim Novaes.

3 10 2007

This morning:

Lolled around in bed, hitting the sleep button even though I was wide awake, just to be able to stay lying down a little while more.

Showered, played around on the Internet. Checked out MY FAVORITE BLOG ON THE PLANET (probably even more than Dooce, can you believe it? But Dooce, I really do like you. It’s just that I like like Nothing But Bonfires. Seriously, I’ve been plugging this blog for so long now it would be more efficient if I made it so that when you typed in my blog address it would automatically go to hers.)

Called my ride to tell her I’d be taking a taxi to school because (drum roll) I don’t have to be at school early today. I can get there at 7:59, 8:03, 8:14:59…basically anytime. Because I DON’T HAVE STUDENTS.

Made a cup of Starbucks coffee and put it in my Starbucks mug that is actually the size of my head. And now, my fingers are shaking. I shan’t do that again.

So, that’s the news from home today. I’ll probably check back a trajillion more times today because, like I screamed above, I DON’T HAVE STUDENTS and therefore I can do anything I want, whenever I want. GOD I love this week.

Here’s something to do, though:

Leave a comment on one of the following blogs and then let me know which one you commented on:

Laid Off Dad 

Trim & Fashionable


Zacchio & Daddio

Interesting…Very Interesting (Pictures of black bears in Alaska!)





10 responses

3 10 2007

I’m going to check out your favorite blog.
Enjoy your day!

3 10 2007

Ohhhh….Nothing But Bonfires live in my city, San Francisco! I just added her to my blog roll as a “must read”.

3 10 2007
Nilsa S.

Thanks for the props today! I hope you didn’t feel guilted into it! 🙂 Now you’ve put the pressure on to actually post something today. Got lazy yesterday and didn’t post!

3 10 2007

NBB is DEFINITELY a must read. I’m so glad you checked it out!
And Nilsa, beware! I love the blogs I link to, so I might talk about you again. Like the saying goes for rain in Brazil, Always Be Prepared!

3 10 2007

Thanks for the plug, Gina!!! I enjoy reading YOUR blog on a daily basis.

3 10 2007



3 10 2007

I always read “Trim & Fashionable”… ta da that’s how I started reading your blog.

3 10 2007

I love seeing who other people link to….I’ve found a mountain of amazing blogs from surfing others’ blogrolls. I owe Trim & Fashionable a big thank you! (Not only for the Hershey Kisses, but for the people and long blogroll for me to peruse!) I’m glad you found your way here, Susan!

4 10 2007
Nothing But Bonfires

Awww, I’m insanely flattered to be your favorite blog on the planet! Thank you! Love your masthead, by the way.

5 10 2007

(I am very tempted to write a post purely about the fact that NBB–a.k.a. MY FAVORITE BLOG ON THE PLANET–has just left a comment here. But that would be crossing the line between ‘Blog Reader’ and ‘Okay, You Need To Get A Grip.’ In my heart, though, I am singing out loud on a hill like Maria von Trapp in ‘The Sound of Music.’)

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