Off to Pouso da Cajaiba.

11 10 2007

Seems like just yesterday I was here on Ilha do Cardoso: alone, and the perfect place to be so

It was an amazing trip, over a month ago, to the south of the state of Sao Paulo. Tonight I’m off on yet another adventure, this time to the state of Rio de Janeiro, north of here, where I’ll go to Pouso da Cajaiba on another group trip. This time, however, I’m bringing my trusty buddy Mandy/Bete along with me, so I’m guaranteed a good time and 100% comprehension. Looking forward to it.

Here’s a link to fotos of where I’ll be. If you go to the sections where it says “Pouso da Cajaiba” and “Galera,” you’ll see how I’ll be spending my time. Pouso is another ecological reserve, again without electricity, and again accessible only by boat. We’ll all get on a bus tonight in Campinas and drive to Paraty. This is what Paraty looks like:
(Dennis took this picture in April, when we went there and to Trindade and Ilha Grande. One of the most amazing vacations I’ve ever been on.)

So, folks, I’m off. I’ll come back, as always, with lots of stories and even more fotos.
Yay for vacation!




7 responses

11 10 2007
Nilsa S.

Have a great trip, take lots of pictures and bring back plenty ‘o stories!

11 10 2007

Have fun!

11 10 2007

Enjoy! Aproveita!

11 10 2007
Citizen D

Have fun. That first photo makes me homesick. I’ve been needing to see the ocean lately…

12 10 2007

man, i want to be there… beautiful pictures, beautiful country.

12 10 2007

Amazing photos…I can almost picture myself laying on that blanket reading a book. Have a fantabulous time!

12 10 2007

Hey Baby C!!
Why did you not go with us?? We just came back from Paraty and Ilha Grande!! Well anyway you have a great time.

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