Let’s put it like this….

15 10 2007

It is Monday morning, 6:23. I just now walked in the door. I have to be at work in 37 minutes. And also, I have no idea where to begin telling you what this little “vacation” was like.  But here are some key words from the adventure:

  • boats
  • broken alternator
  • forro
  • crabs (The crustacean. Shame on you.)
  • Sao Paulo
  • traffic
  • Paraty
  • late
  • good luck
  • juice at 3:45 am
  • no electricity
  • no hot water
  • the best caipirinhas I’ve ever had
  • daylight savings time
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • home-taxi-bus-boat-beach-boat-beach-boat-bus-van-bus-bus-taxi-home

And now, because it is 6:29 in the morning I will go take a shower. Because did I mention there was no hot water on the island? And so I haven’t had a real shower since Thursday night? Oh, the stories. Individually told, they’re believable. But that they happened one right after the other is what makes this trip incredible–in the most literal sense of the word.

Wish me luck today. I have not slept for a solid 24 hours.




7 responses

15 10 2007

Good luck for you.

15 10 2007

I thought you were gonna get here yesterday.

Good luck.


15 10 2007

Oh, you have no idea how much *I* thought I was going get here yesterday. And how very, very wrong I was! (About almost everything!)

15 10 2007
Nilsa S.

Ummm, “Paraty”??? I think you spelled PARTY wrong … or is that code so your students don’t figure you out? hahah – kidding. Sounds like an incredible experience. Looking forward to hearing more snippets from your trip!

15 10 2007

Starbucks, starbucks, and more starbucks…. can’t wait to hear about your adventurous weekend…not sure how long I could make it without a hot shower.

15 10 2007

Paraty this time was certainly not a “party.” Goodness. I’m exhausted…!

15 10 2007

Oh, jeez. And also, it wouldn’t be so bad if I DID have Starbucks at my disposal! But alas…that’s a whole ‘nother adventure which I am SO unprepared to take at this point.

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