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18 10 2007

Today I got an e-mail from a friend. It was an announcement that he was about to embark upon a long race and would be gone for a while. I was one of several dozen people he’d sent the e-mail to. No sooner had I read the message myself than my inbox was flooded with replies to this friend saying “Good Luck!” and “See you when you get back!”
MY inbox was flooded with replies. Because those people had hit “Reply All.”

Here’s my question: Why do you bother hitting “Reply All” when you’re really saying something to just the one person? What, is this like some sort of competition about who can be the better friend? Something along the lines of, “I’ll send this meaningless ‘Good Luck!’ note out and all these other suckers will know I’m being a good friend. Therefore, I will look like a better person than all the others.”  It’s like some kind of e-mail showing off.

I’m very cautious about the “Reply All” button, and I use it sparingly. Years ago, a friend of mine confessed his love for me in an accidental “Reply All” situation and I could only imagine how it felt to have his feelings splayed out on the electronic page for tens of people to read, confessions that were meant for my eyes only, not a list of close friends, near-friends, professors, and ex-boyfriends. To this day I feel nervous about hitting “Reply All,” and I check and double-check to make sure I’ve just hit “Reply.”

Just some food for thought this afternoon. I’m leaving in a few hours for Rio, and I’m not sure what the weekend will bring me as far as computer access is concerned, so this may be it until Sunday night. This trip is a much more predictable one than the one to Pouso da Cajaiba, so I know I’ll be back on Sunday around 8pm, or 6pm EST. (When is daylight savings time in the States, by the way? Ours here was last Sunday.)  In any case, I’ll touch base again when I can.

Beijos para todos.




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18 10 2007
Nilsa S.

Ouch! I agree – use Reply All with caution. There is a small circle of friends and I who use it because everyone in on the conversation will understand what the comments/jokes are about. But even then, CAUTION! Goodness. With that said, when I am sending something to a large group, I often BCC everyone to avoid the Reply All mistake.

18 10 2007

I always forget BCC is there because I rarely write big group messages. And I never use CC because I really don’t know what it’s for.

18 10 2007

Look at Luanas post for today, it has so many mistakes.

19 10 2007

More than once, an email intended for 1 or 2 people has gone to more than 4000 in our organization. Nothing horribly embarassing, but the potential to make yourself look very foolish is there.

21 10 2007

I think sometimes I and others hit the send all button by mistake when we are in a hurry.

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