I did not forget to write.

23 10 2007

The Internet was down in my apartment today for a while and so after I got my hair done (cut and color, ooh la la) I watched the movie “Whale Rider” and promptly sobbed myself into a slobbery mess. Now the Internet is back on but I’m about to go to sleep. Tomorrow, when I have a moment after getting my nails done (good Lord am I being a priss this week) I will upload the photo I took of my freshly cut and dried and styled hair today as evidence that once upon a time on the planet Earth my hair looked good, but now that it is about to be slept upon, cleaned and styled by yours truly, it will look like shit from now until the next time I want to plop down money for a ‘do.  And don’t judge. I do have a boyfriend making an appearance this weekend, you know. I’ve got to look at least a little put together.




7 responses

24 10 2007

Yeah, yeah, he should love you for who you are but…haircut…wise move. Anyway, it’s just polite to show him you’ve made an effort.

24 10 2007

It’s the least I can do, I figure, after packing up and leaving the States for two years.

24 10 2007

Can’t wait to see your new ‘do! I can’t ever style mine like the stylist either. I wish I could afford for her to do my hair every day. It’s so fun to sit and let someone else dry your hair!!

24 10 2007

All girls need to be prissy every once in a while. It does something to us on the inside that sends a glow to the outside. Dennis will love you either way though. I don’t even know what to do with my hair lately…its icky!

24 10 2007

It always feels great to get a new ‘do! Can’t wait for the pics!

24 10 2007

No internet! That’s my idea of torture!

24 10 2007

Sangroncito–absolute torture. And it happened again today at school. That’s Brazil for you, I suppose.

Hey ladies–If you want a cheap French manicure, they cost no more than $8 here in Brazil. Everyone gets their nails done all the time and let me tell you, it’s worth the flight down. Just food for thought.

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