Rain in moderation.

25 10 2007

It’s been raining in Campinas for two days straight and I can’t say I’m not pleased. In the months since I returned from the States it’s rained so little that I began to get worried. Water is collected on the building tops in huge cisterns and I wondered what would happen if we ran out of water for our building. The grass at school is crunchy and brown, little green tips of crab grass vainly attempting to poke through the earth or last much longer than a couple of days before it, too, dehydrates and becomes bird bone-like. Even as the rain fell today I wondered how much good it would do for the land because two days in a row seems like not nearly enough to quench this country’s thirst.

Another good thing I can say about this rain is that it’s been a slow and steady rain, not torrential like it’s been known to do. I know, therefore, the land is really soaking the water up because very little of it streams down the cobble-stone streets. I know the ground is parched and I’m saying little quiet thanks to the clouds, hoping they might decide to spill forth bit more. Everyone walks around with colorful umbrellas and I haven’t heard a single complaint about this recent rainfall. All of us know we need the water.

As I’m writing this, I can see it letting up. As much as I love the sunny weather, I know there’s months of that ahead of me. Now I wish for cold and rain enough so that the land becomes saturated. In the coming months it will be hot enough and there will be days of no rain and then terrible minutes of downpours where the streets flood up to my knees and traffic comes to a complete halt. It is a bingeful kind of rain that’s about to happen in this next season and unhealthy for the land. But today, and yesterday, it’s been a sleepy rain, the kind that makes you want to crawl beneath the covers of your bed and listen to it sprinkle the streets below you like, in the words of Ray Bradbury, a thousand “clear bead necklaces.” I used to dread the rain but it’s taken these two days to turn my thinking around; I’m warm and dry and comfortable. So the rain can just pour and pour.




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25 10 2007

Miss C, as I was reading what you wrote, I remembered me this morning, listening to the rain and the birds outside the window of my room. As I felt the warm blanket over my body. I didn’t want to get up or go to school. Maybe if I could I’d have stayed the whole day under it, whatching movies and I would be crying, cus I cant help it, I ALWAYS cry when I watch a movie. But what you said was true, my garden needed a bit of water and the whole world too! Oh, I wanna say that I LOVED our class today and the SSR thingy!

Lv ya!

25 10 2007

I’m so glad you were happy with class! Today was a perfect day to read a book and listen to the rain, don’t you think?

25 10 2007

We are having that same kind of rain this week in Arkansas. I love it and I love that statement about “clear bead necklaces”..so pretty!

29 10 2007
Nilsa S.

North Carolina has been experiencing a terrible drought over the past few months. During the first bit of my vacation (on the beach), it was perfectly sunny. The second half of vacation, it rained and rained and rained. Slow and steady. I was more than willing to take one for the team … knowing how much the land needs to be replenished! Your post reminded me of it!

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