No room for creativity.

26 10 2007

Because the only thing I can think about right now is the fact that this time tomorrow night, The Buddha will be here with me. Sorry if this is less than poetic but I can hardly sit still, let alone craft a beautiful piece of writing about my excitement. The point is, three months of separation draws to a close tomorrow morning at 9:30am at the International Arrivals gate at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo. What I need now is a nap and some distraction because like a watched pot that doesn’t boil, the more I sit here and do nothing the more it seems like time isn’t passing. I’ll report back, tomorrow, with photos of the reunion.

And what’s best is that we will have two full days together immediately; unlike last time, when we had just a ride in a car because his flight got in at 4-something in the morning and I had to teach that day. This time, I’m sure, is going to be fantastic. Fabulous. Beautiful. My best friend, my Buddha, is on his way. Maybe just now it’s starting to sink in.

And there be the poetry, if you want to call it that.




4 responses

26 10 2007

Happy for you that your Buddha is arriving very soon…but WAITING SUCKS!

26 10 2007

Miss C, how cool! But what do ya mean by Buddha? I hope you could tell us more about him at History Class, for our project, and is he visiting school? Have a weekend and hope to see u tomorrow at Halloween!
Lv ya


26 10 2007

I’m so excited for you!! Have a wonderful weekend.

26 10 2007

Thank you! I’m just counting down the hours now!!!

(And Sofia, you can look for the post called “The Buddha and The Bean” that I wrote a few weeks ago. It explains why I call him The Buddha.)

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