The second time around.

29 10 2007

The last time Dennis was here, he arrived on a Tuesday morning just before 4 o’clock. I picked him up in São Paulo, drove back to Campinas, and then promptly went to work, like I did for the rest of the week until that next Saturday. So even though he was here in the country with me, it was as if we were still very separate because any quality time I had that week, from Tuesday until Friday night, was the time when I was sleeping.

When he was planning on coming down here this time, the only thing I told him was “PLEASE don’t book a flight mid-week. For the love of God, please arrive on a weekend.” I wanted to make sure that we could have ample time to get used to each other this time, so that I wouldn’t be surprised by the fact he would be in my apartment when I came home and so that we could actually spend time together in a relaxed sort of way before I had to get back to work. Also, when I was home this past June, Dennis picked me up at JFK and then had me drop him off at work just an hour or so later; because of the nature of his job, I rarely saw him over the entire five weeks that I was home. This weekend was the first uninterrupted weekend we have spent together–not needing to be anywhere or do anything–since May. MAY!!

There was world enough, and time, this weekend. I haven’t felt so relaxed, so comfortable in so long. My buddy is here, my best friend, here with me. It seems not possible that so much time could have passed since the last time I saw him, that it’s been three full months since he dropped me off at the airport early in the morning, that now suddenly he’s in my apartment doing the dishes or reading a book or watching a movie. We went out for lunch and beer at a restaurant neither of us had been to, rented some movies, made dinners, went walking around. He brought me a mug from New York City–a big, huge colorful one–because that’s where we’re headed next after Brazil, and he filled that big mug with packets of Hershey Kisses. I told him that right there was my future: New York City and a whole lot of kisses.

He already knows his way around here so even though I’m at work right now I have no worries that he’ll be able to figure his way around the place again. I don’t have to be right there and guide him through every interaction. It’s a lot less stressful for both of us this time, also because he’s had such a busy 5 months of working on the film. He deserves some good, real time off. And now that I’ve had a relaxing weekend with him, I feel better about everything too.




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29 10 2007
Rachel L

YAY! You must be in heaven! So excited for you. Enjoy every minute…

29 10 2007

Awesome! I feel so happy for you, Ms. C! Is he gonna come to school sometime? Too bad I didn’t get to see you at Halloween (were you AT Halloween?).

And also, I hope you [finally] stop going to the gym, because then you’ll get to go home from school and see Dennis more. Besides, going to the gym is just…weird.


29 10 2007

So happy for you Gina…enjoy each other:).

30 10 2007

Awww so happy for you both! Glad it was a relaxing and easy weekend. Enjoy the rest of your time together. It is special…and girl everyone will always get on each others nerves no matter how much you love each other. Its natural.

30 10 2007


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