Taking care of my Self.

30 10 2007

[Standing outside the gates of the school, waiting. The afternoon is muggy and still and Me is sweating waiting for a taxi.]

Self: Hey.

Me: [Jumping, jolted out of deep thought.] Oh hey! You scared me! I wasn’t expecting to see you!

Self: Hm. Haven’t seen you for a while.

Me: I know. It’s been a busy weekend. How’ve you been?

Self: Not bad. Just hanging around a little, you know how it is. Hot today.

Me: Ugh. I know. Pretty gross.


Self: So I see Dennis is here.

Me: Yep.

Self: Having fun?

Me: Absolutely. It’s nice to have him back again. On Saturday I got to Guarulhos early in the morning and it turns out his plane was late, and then when he got in, he arrived just ten minutes before the bus back to Campinas was leaving, and it wasn’t a full bus so it was nice and quiet and cool, and then when we got home, we unpacked and he brought me a gift and Hershey Kisses! And then we went up to the Bar Bilac, you know, over on Olavo Bilac? I’ve always wanted to go there and–

Self: Yeah. I know.

Me: [hesitating] What’s wrong with you?

Self: Nothing.

Me: Riiight. Seriously. What’s going on in that head of yours?

[long pause. Self kicks at a small pebble.]

Self: It’s just that I’m really wondering what’s going to happen to me now?

Me: Now?

Self: Yeah. I mean, now that your boyfriend is all up in our space.

Me: What do you mean? He was up in our space before and you didn’t complain.

Self: I did too! You just weren’t listening.

Me: [thinking hard.] Oh…! Right! Like that time you helped start a fight between me and Dennis about him being on the computer all the time. Right. That was you?

Self: Well, a little bit. I was responsible for the one about the dishes. And the shoes all over the place.

Me: Oh. Those. I remember. Why the hell did you do that?

Self: I was feeling neglected! Suddenly he’s in our space and you’re all, “Oh, let’s go do this! Let’s go do that!” Where’s the time for Me? What about my quieros?

Me: Okay! Okay! Relax! I’m not going to neglect you this time. I promise.

Self: How do I know you’re not just saying that to appease me so I won’t freak out on you right now in front of school?

Me: Well…? If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

Self: I’d go to the gym.

Me: Oh, no. No. No. NO.

Self: You asked,didn’t you?

Me: [grumbles in agreement.]

Self: I’d go to the gym. And I’d run so hard it would make my chest explode.

Me: Sounds like fun.

Self: You asked. I like to run.

Me: I know.

Self: So?

Me: So what?

Self: So how do I know you’re not going to neglect me this time around?

Me: Because I’m proving to you right now that I’m not going to neglect you. We’re going home right now and we’re going running.

Self: Really?

Me: Yes. Really. Let’s go.

Self: Nice.

Me: Well, you deserve it.

Self: Thank you. And then after, can we have yogurt and honey?

Me: Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of beer. We are going out to celebrate Fernando’s birthday, remember.

Self: Oh yeah. I forgot.

Me: [pause, looking over at Self.] But that’s not for a while. Like a bunch of hours. [pause again.] So yeah. If you want yogurt and honey, we can have yogurt and honey.

Self: Nice.

Me: [looking up at the sky.] Looks like it’s going to rain tonight, huh?

Self: It’s going to be a downpour. I can just feel it already. How still it is, how quiet.

Me: Remind me to take the umbrella out of my bag and take it with me tonight to the bar, ok?

Self: Okay. I won’t let you down.




3 responses

30 10 2007

Remember to enjoy the time with each other…do stuff for you in all the mix!

30 10 2007

This post is a good reminder that i can’t procrastinate anymore and now that i’m back in salvador i need to join a gym…tomorrow.

31 10 2007


– That is all I got to say about you Baby C!!

– Talita

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