Touching base.

3 11 2007

I did not forget to write. I’ve been off exploring São Paulo with Dennis and it’s been awesome. We arrived Thursday night, went to a great vegetarian restaurant in Jardins Paulista, tried to go to a film but we were too late, and got caught in a couple of rainshowers. Yesterday, we went galavanting all over Jardins, spending time at MASP, walking down Oscar Freire, eating at a restaurant called Chakras for a ridiculously expensive but yummy appetizer, and then spending the rest of the night drinking, talking, and eating in Vila Madelena. Today is another fabulous day in the city and we will be heading to another art institute in Pinheiros, going to the mercadão, and seeing more shops and art galleries back in Vila Madelena. I don’t know where we’re sleeping tonight, but that’s beside the point.

But the Number One attraction, that I am about to go see for the second time in two days, is Starbucks. This new one is located directly off of the metrô and a block from our hotel. It was no mistake that we chose to stay for two nights in this particular hotel.

So I’ll touch base again when we’re done with our adventure. I have a lot of photos that I will upload soon and that will take the better part of a week to upload because the file sizes are so large, but whatever. I’ll get them up here.

Off to Starbucks!




2 responses

4 11 2007
amanda bliss

i think i’ve been to the delicious vegetarian restaurant that you went to. how great is brasil? i love the orelhaos (it’s a word i can’t pronounce, but will die trying to do it). also, i miss habib’s on a daily basis.

4 11 2007

Where in Brasil were you, and for how long?! It’s a fabulous country indeed. Oh, the vegetarian place was called Restaurante Fulo, on Rua Haddock Lobo in Jardins. We were the only customers and it was in the rain and we were on the street level and it was fabulous. Stunning and so romantic. And Dennis totally chose the better dish. If you ever go back, get the Biryani. Unreal.

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