Rice for Words

11 11 2007

Click on this to donate rice and to expand your vocabulary!




5 responses

11 11 2007

That is SO cool! I help people by doing, like, nothing except knowing English! I knew my vocab nerdiness would be helpful to somebody someday!
(Take that, all the people in school who are mean to me because I know what things mean. I am feeding hungry people with my knowledge)


11 11 2007
Tina (aka Mom)

Terrific – This is the BEST !!!! I have put this site along with the 2 others I click on every day – (one to help pay for mammograms and one to help pay for animal food) right in my Inbox, and I will do it at least once a day (and I’m good, so there will be a lot of rice) (<- Miss Humility just wrote that, by the way!)

12 11 2007

I had no idea I knew so many words. I read too much and shouldn’t have majored in English Lit. Ha. Hope you and Dennis have a great week!

12 11 2007

Great site Gina. Thanks for the link.

13 11 2007

This is the coolest! I always feel slighted because there’s I never get to use my vocabulary with people who understand it, so i never practice. But now I’m, practicing and helping people at one! woo!

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