A little gloating’s not gonna kill me.

14 11 2007

For the rest of the working world, this is a normal week, right? Five days, 9-5, or what have you. Ah, but here in Brazil, here at our school, today, Wednesday, is the end of the week. That’s right, folks. I worked for three days and now I’ve got even more time off.

You might be asking yourself, “Does this woman ever work?”

And my answer to that is, “Apparently, no.”

I know you all are slaving away over your computers or are draining yourselves empty in public schools or traveling from business meeting to business meeting, stopping only at the water cooler to catch your breath and catch up on office gossip. (I mean, are you? Is that what people do in offices? Are there really water coolers? Or is that just a cliche?) In all honesty I don’t know what it is office people do and quite frankly that life fascinates me, what with the nylons and the lunch meetings and the staying late to have conference calls. Part of me wants to be a part of corporate America, to understand the office lingo, to have a personal joke with Jim from Marketing about the Schlessinger Account while we meet at Happy Hour downtown with a bunch of our co-workers. I’d love to glimpse that for a day.

But back to the fact I’m not working for the rest of the week: Remember how last week we were supposed to go to Rio? But then, you know, we got sick? We’re giving it another go tomorrow night, but heading further up the coast to a paradise called Buzios. There are 23 beaches on this peninsula and I’m sure we’ll find one that’s appropriate for us. As of right now, we’ve got nowhere to stay, but we’ll figure that out when we get there. I’m sure I’ll freak out about it once or twice, and that somewhere along the course of our vacation we’ll not talk to each other because my high expectations have been dashed to pieces and Dennis doesn’t want to say “Just relax” one more time.

But it beats working, and that, I guess, was my point. No rest for the weary, and no work for me. Again.




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14 11 2007

You so don’t want to be in corporate America. Its not all its cracked up to be at all…it has its good times though. Enjoy your trip!

14 11 2007
Nilsa S.

Let me just say, office life is really bland. We have a water cooler, but there is no gossip hanging over it. There is no gossip in my office, period. Your life, my dear, with teenagers is way more exciting than mine ever will be.

Do you think you have no place to stay yet to make sure you’ll have some good material to blog about next week?! šŸ™‚

Have a great beach vacation!!

14 11 2007

I was just telling my friend here that it’s all about the journey, which is why we haven’t chosen a place to stay. But it’s really all about laziness and a fear of making a phone call in Portuguese that’s preventing me from finding a place to stay.

14 11 2007

Stay well and have a great weekend.

14 11 2007
Rachel L

Allow me to say that we DO have a watercooler in our office. It’s in the kitchen and sometimes a few of us are getting/making our lunches at the same time and conversation sparks and there you are – water cooler chatter. But what’s even BETTER is that there is a row of 4 side-by-side cubicles with not-so-high walls. When something gossip-worthy happens (e.g. last night’s Grey’s, Britney loses custody, etc.) we pop up like gophers in that “whack the gopher” game. All you can see are our heads. Now THAT’s corporate America!

But the 12 hour days and conference calls and day-long computer staring – not so great. With that said, enjoy every moment of Buzios!

P.S. When are you guys going to Morro!?!?

14 11 2007

Hope you have a great trip!

16 11 2007

People pay money to where jeans for a day (it’s our version of a snow day)
You hang out with people 9 hours a day, but everything has to be politically correct.
I envy you Gina. You are corrupting, eh hem, shaping young minds.
Corporate World is High School where you get paid, and suspension is losing your job. You got the cool kids, the artsy kids, the non achievers, and the people
who just show up.

18 11 2007

Okay. So it looks like I’ve chosen my career well. Although I do play whack-the-gopher with my students’ heads, they just don’t know I’m doing it.
Ha, just kidding, my little dears.

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