Third time’s a charm.

23 11 2007

Keep your fingers crossed for us because we’re off to the beach. For real this time. The weather the past couple of days has been glorious–absolutely stunning. And so while I was at school, Dennis braved the hot sun and the Portuguese language and headed off to the rodoviaria to buy us some tickets to the coast. We leave in about an hour and I couldn’t be more excited.

We’re winging it again; no place to stay but we’re banking on finding a pousada when we arrive in Caraguatatuba tonight around midnight. And from there, we’ll wander either north or south along the coast until we find a beach that suits our needs. Mine are basic: sand and sun and a place to buy cold beer. I think we’ll find something along those lines. We’ve had wild success doing this kind of thing before, so I’m assuming (which maybe I shouldn’t because apparently it makes an Ass out of U and Me) that it’ll be something similar this time. I’m just hoping the weather stays like it is because I’ll tell you, you all have reason to be jealous of us. It’s been a virtual paradise here, even including work days.

So it’s time to pack up. I’ll bring back photos!




One response

23 11 2007

Good luck. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you (not really, though).
And I never really got that ‘assuming makes an ass out of u and me.’ I mean, I get the ass-u-me thing, but I just don’t get the ass out of u part. It’s not as if I ever did anything.
Well anyway, I hope you both have fun!


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