29 11 2007

The green mangoes were dropping all day at school. I’ve seen them fall before and they come crashing down and split open when they land if they’re soft enough: bright yellow orange on the inside, encased in a brown-speckled pistachio-grass-mint skin. They drop down with serious force and, when they land on the terra cotta roof tiles, like they did today, make such a loud noise it is like a gunshot or a firecracker or a thunderclap, all the sounds I’ve become accustomed to while living here. And so, even during our thirty minutes of silent reading, hardly any of us looked up or jumped, caught in the bindings of our books, when time after time we heard a giant, fruity thud. I assume the most it did was make us blink our eyes as we moved along the page, and maybe I was the only one counting the number of thuds, but I lost track and interest after 5, so wrapped up in my book was I.

You should have seen the sky today. It was impossibly blue. There were no clouds whatsoever and against the green of the trees it was like my eyes hadn’t known what color was until today. I imagine I felt a bit like Dorothy did when she stepped outside her fallen home, the bright yellow of the brick road a little like the insides of the green mangoes that dropped all during our silent reading. Thud, thud, thud.




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29 11 2007

Whoever planted a mangeira next to a house? Not smart. 🙂

Remember not to park under one.

I barely saw the sky today in SJCampos. But the night is cool and quiet, I can hear the blood rushing in my ears.

30 11 2007

These are the kinds of moments that are so unnotably normal when you’re living somewhere, but to everyone else seem just amazing and exotic! Thanks for sharing.

30 11 2007
Nilsa S.

Isn’t it amazing how most of us walk through the day without paying attention to the beauty around us?! That’s part of the reason I embarked on Project Sky 365 … so, I’d take at least one moment each day to look up at the amazing mass above us. I enjoyed reading this post!

30 11 2007

Reminds me of the tree in our backyard that bears acorns every year and right now they are raining down on the patio like little firecrackers. Love that sound in the fall.
It is snowing lightly here today but there is something beautiful about that type of scene. ALmost as wonderful as your brilliant blue sky.

30 11 2007

(Ooh! So much to respond to!)
Nilsa, I’m beginning to understand the reasons behind Project Sky. Sometimes I wish I could capture what my eyes see and keep it forever, especially days like yesterday.

Susan–what kind of snowing is it, like when the sky is all white and cloudy? What’s it looking like? Is it freezing!? Oh I can’t wait to come home!

Amanda–Hello! or maybe bonjour is more appropriate. I love your blog and I love France.

Gospelnews–over the past three weeks, I’ve been to SJCampos more often than I thought I ever would, since all of our bus trips seem to be funneling their way through that city. I’ve come to know the rodoviaria very well and they have some of the cheapest rodoviaria bathrooms anywhere around. Other than that, I don’t know much about the area. What’s even there?

6 12 2007

I love a good blue sky.

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