It’s December 1st.

1 12 2007

This means I’ll be home in 15 days. I’m shaking with excitement.

I have big plans today: buy cleaning products for my apartment, shop for Christmas presents at the Hippie Fair to bring home to the family, and then lie out in the sun and try to get a tan. (Did that sentence seem weird to anyone up North? Shop for Christmas presents and get a tan?)

In any case, I’m coming home.




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1 12 2007

Miss. Coggy I feel happy to know you are going to see your family in 15 days!
I also have a good news for you, I have created my blog so if you want to give it a try at any time you are more than welcome!!
have a good weekend and see you Monday at school!
A lot of hugs and wishes of a good Christmas shopping!


1 12 2007

Christmas presents and tan should go together in Brazil…now in the North United States. Not so much. Who cares though soak up that sunshine before you return to the grayness. I’m so jealous! Its sort of like when you have straight hair you wish for curls. I guess when your in the gray all winter your wishing for sunshine. Ahhh…coconut smelling tanning products. *Dreams wistfully*

1 12 2007

I hope your tan lasts all the way to next year’s winter!

1 12 2007
Nilsa S.

Though I’ll seriously miss your stories from abroad, I’m so happy you’ll be home soon. I know Gina will be happy. Yeah!

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