My affirmation.

4 12 2007

As a teacher, these are some of the things I do:

  • Teach new concepts
  • Help students learn
  • Learn who my students are
  • Learn how best to help them learn
  • Make jokes
  • Laugh at their jokes
  • Test them
  • Listen to them
  • Speak with them
  • Ask them questions
  • Answer their questions
  • Respond to them
  • Read their writing
  • Respond to their writing, in writing
  • Help them make their writing better
  • Evaluate their reading
  • Watch them read
  • Listen to them read
  • Help them pronounce/spell/use words
  • Help them improve their pronunciation/spelling/usage of words
  • Create an environment that feels safe
  • Create lesson plans/units that interest my students
  • Read to them
  • Watch them perform
  • Help them perform
  • Teach them how to organize materials
  • Show them how to organize materials
  • Show them how to manage their time
  • Teach, show, encourage honesty
  • Teach, show, encourage kindness
  • Balance the energy of a classroom
  • Make them speak louder
  • Help  them learn to be proud of their ideas
  • Help them learn to be supportive of each other’s ideas
  • Teach them how to think critically
  • Teach them how to question what they read
  • Teach them how to question what they hear
  • Show them what respect looks like
  • Challenge kids to think beyond the literal
  • Challenge kids to do tasks they think are too hard for them
  • Support kids when they feel shy or unable
  • Believe in them, believe in the good in them
  • Build a trusting relationship with them.

I do these things well. I do them really well. Today is a day when I need to make a list of the things I know I do well and look at them all and feel good about myself. This list serves as a reminder to myself that I am good at being a teacher.




8 responses

4 12 2007
Nilsa S.

Based on some of the comments on this blog, it’s clear you are a good teacher. Your students adore you.

4 12 2007

Thank you, Nilsa. It’s one of those days, you know? When it helps just to see it all down in writing.

4 12 2007

Ms.C you said that the kids at the city you visited are brave and can do things well because they need to accept things, etc… Then you said you never done anything like really hard and coragouse as them. Ok, you can be less then them but you are really couragous and good at things. For example, you to come to Brazil and learn to live without your family and different costumes and environment and also being a really good teacher wich is a really hard task and you passed with a perfect score. So that shows your really brave and I totally agree that you are The Best teacher ever.=)

4 12 2007

You are definitely a good teacher and that list of yours made me feel very tired! You are like the story the “Brave Little Toaster” living in Brazil. Any teacher that takes on the challenges you face everyday with different languages and cultures should receive a huge reward at the end of each year…you deserve it and be proud of yourself!

4 12 2007
Ana Borgonovi

wow ms. c, and i thought that being a teacher was easy….if i would ever be a teacher when i grow up (that is 0,1% of chance or less) i would come and look back at your blog to remember what the best teacher i ever had knew.

4 12 2007

You rock, and I can see no reason why you would question that. So those kids we visited today may have been through a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to think any less of yourself. Like Luana mentioned, you have a gazillion of amazing qualities. All those things you wrote and so much more, and you shouldn’t ever doubt that.


4 12 2007

You are all such wonderful people…those of you I’m blessed to work with, and those of you I only know through writing. Thank you! You made my night.

6 12 2007

I am SO not good at some of those things, which is why I only lasted 2 weeks as a teacher. But I’m so grateful for teachers like you who can do all of those things and do them so well.

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