Really homeward bound.

21 12 2007

As much as New Haven has been my home recently, Vermont will always have the key to my heart. I’m We’re headed up there today and will stay probably through New Year’s. For the first time in, well, since I’ve known him, Dennis and I will be on vacation together over Christmas. It’ll be my longest time at home in the winter since college and Dennis’ first Christmas in the States when he didn’t have to work the next day. We’ve planned a sunrise hike up Mount Mansfield with a thermos of hot chocolate (indeed the only way I agreed to undertaking the trek), skiing with my best friends at Stowe or Smuggler’s Notch, and of course, lots of time sitting around the fire downstairs in the den and drinking mulled apple cider. Dennis has never had eggnog so I plan to introduce him to that flavor and I’m sure my mom can expect us two children to fight over her amazing Chex Mix. (This is not your average Chex Mix, by the way. It is Chex Mix of the gods, right up there with honey, figs, and Hershey kisses.) Add in my mom’s old Bing Crosby Christmas records (yes, records), a snow-blanketed vista out our wide living room windows, and our 700 sparkling ornaments, and you’ve got yourself just about the most cliched New England Christmas you could imagine. For my first Christmas home in two years, it’s basically everything I could ask for.




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21 12 2007
Nilsa S.

I just had hot chocolate with these amazing peppermint marshmallows. OMG, it makes the drink heavenly! You should try them (yeah, I’m no help given I don’t know what kind the marshmallows are!).

Have a great trip home and I look forward to some pics from that wonderful hike!

22 12 2007

This sounds like a wonderful time, I must say, New England is where it’s at. Merry Christmas, and may all your joys be enhanced by the warm sound of crackling vinyl. Yum 🙂

23 12 2007

Thank you! Warm wishes to you too!

24 12 2007

Ahhh that’s such a Hallmark card. Merry Christmas Gina and Dennis!

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