Had myself a merry little Christmas.

27 12 2007

After the snowboarding ordeal, I’ve kind of been lying low. One more time out on the slopes on Christmas day, but other than that, I’ve not managed to do much of anything. And that is exactly what vacation is all about. With the exception of a couple of trips to Burlington–once to buy items and once to return them–Dennis and I have been hanging around the house. We’ve had a lot of visitors over the past couple of days: family from out of state, friends I haven’t seen in years, snowy owls and wild turkeys in our backyard. Today all the visiting caught up with me and when one group of visitors left, I crawled into bed with one of my new books and promptly fell asleep. Dennis, on the other hand, is itching to get out of the house and ski some more. Fine, I want to tell him, go. Let me stay inside committing the sin of sloth while you go out and make the world a better place by getting exercise and reducing green house gases. I’m perfectly happy staying inside while you go have fun in the great outdoors. And then, of course, I feel nothing but guilt for staying inside because it’s what I do all year long anyway, so I reluctantly pull on snowboard pants and hats and mittens and grumble my way outside to “enjoy some fresh air.”

It’s snowing today. We’ve gotten about two inches. It rained a ton a few days before Christmas and so we lost a great deal of snow. The river next to our house rose quite a bit and when I looked out onto it from the window I could see it raging. It’s calmed down since then, but things weren’t looking too wintery, especially since the grass was beginning to poke up through the snow. But it’s looking as it should now, with these two inches, and just in time for some more runs tomorrow. Dennis wants to snowshoe in the morning, which honestly isn’t something I’m looking forward to doing as if I’m going to pay to be on a mountain I’d rather it be for snowboarding instead of walking. In any case, I have a great friend from grad school coming for a visit tomorrow afternoon and so even if I don’t get outside on the hill itself, I’ll be able to sit inside over a pint and catch up with my buddy while Dennis tires himself out on his skis. The next day the three of us will go to Smuggler’s Notch again and spend half a day there before my friend returns to Boston.

Two good movies we’ve seen: Into the Wild and Charlie Wilson’s War. We liked Into the Wild so much, since we’d both read the book, that Dennis went out and got the soundtrack for it the next day.

So it’s been a good couple of days. I now have a stack of books to keep me busy for the next six months in Brazil and you can guarantee I’ll pass on my recommendations to you. I’ve just started The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and can’t really keep my nose out of it.

One last thing because I forgot to mention it before: I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season so far, and for those of you celebrating Christmas, I hope it was a merry one. To all, thank you for your reading and your words.




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27 12 2007

Oliver Sacks….an amazing author. I just completed some work in a clinic for adults with neurogenic speech and language disorders ( stroke, TBI) and that book is a fascinating look at how the brain can mess with us. He has a few other books on related topics you might want to check out too.
PS your comment on the previous post was very funny.

27 12 2007

Glad you had yourself a Merry Little Christmas. All seems well with the world this week. Love those books you mentioned and it makes me want to poke my nose back into “Into the Wild”.

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