3 days in and going strong.

3 01 2008

Spent New Year’s Eve here in New Haven. We had some friends over whose baby is just now six months old, and we cooked dinner. I was able to appreciate how strong mothers’ arms need to be to hold their children while stirring a pot of artichoke and spinach soup and trying to open a half pint of cream. It’s impossible. Impossible, I tell you. I’m a multi-tasker, but not a mother. They’re a whole different breed. I can assure you that’s a life choice I won’t be making for quite some time. At least until I can successfully make artichoke and spinach soup on my own.

We wasted the first day of the year away completely, going outside only to pick up pizza well after noon. The next day and today were spent traipsing around Connecticut, popping into bookstores, downing gallons of Starbucks and…drum roll please…a job interview for Dennis. He’ll find out tomorrow if he got it or not, another film job, so keep your fingers crossed because this could be a really good one for him.

By the way, have you heard the song “That’s My Daughter in the Water” by Loudon Wainwright? Because you need to hear it. Find it.




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3 01 2008
Nilsa S.

For you, I went to find Daughter … very Dylan-esque. Nice sound to it! And Sweets just overheard it and said, “Sounds like Dylan.” Hahahaha – either we’re perfect for each other or there’s something to this song (or both)!

3 01 2008

Isn’t it wonderful? The rest of the album is at times a little silly, but this song is just wonderful. We heard it together in the car driving back home at sunset and then downloaded it on e-music tonight.

4 01 2008

Life is complete without children of our own in it. I love other peoples children. Play with them, sticky them up, and send them home. Downloaded that song to my ITunes…love. love. love it!

Happy New Year to you and Dennis! Hoping to hear great news about his job interview!

4 01 2008

I once tried to make brownies while holding my friend’s baby. Good grief! I don’t see how mothers do it. I guess you would get used to it after a while, but I couldn’t believe how long it took me to make a box of brownies. I almost dropped the poor baby because she was so squirmy.

5 01 2008

yes. squirmy children are tough to manage while cooking. HOWEVER, the inevitable widening of the hips during pregnancy creates a “shelf” of sorts for sit the baby upon once their little heads stop flopping about. While I did not appreciate that silouette in my jeans, I did appreciate the useful nature of my widened lower half when managing a kid and running around.
See, that is why it seemed so tough…you have no hip-shelf. Well, that and the lack of superpowers, all Moms have superpowers.

5 01 2008

I’m not so sure I want the hip-shelf you so described. The superpowers, yes. I’ll take some of those. What about adoptive moms? I mean, let’s say I want to be a mom but don’t necessarily want the child to spill forth from mine own loins (how very Shakespearean, wouldn’t you say?) Does that disqualify me from having superpowers?
And also, don’t teachers of 7th graders have at least some superpowers? It’s like being a mom for 8 hours a day except the kids are already grown up and sometimes you get their names mixed up.

6 01 2008

no no no…Moms of any making get superpowers. It does not matter how you became mom, you just get them. As for the hipshelf, I do not advocate it( I had to do some serious work to get rid of THAT)…it just can help when you are balancing a toddler and mixing a drink, I mean, making homemade organic baby food. 😉
PS YES: Teachers have special powers of their own, I totally agree.

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