Separation anxiety.

9 01 2008

My body is physically telling me it’s not ready to leave. I’ve come down with a terrible cold, the kind that makes me lose my ability to taste things, and I have spent the better part of today and yesterday inside, in bed, downing fluids, and sniffling. Gross. Not the way I wanted to end my vacation, and certainly not the way I hope to spend the 10 hour flight back to Sao Paulo. For the next few days, it’s Recuperation Central here in Woodbridge, Connecticut. I went to the doctor’s this morning and was prescribed a series of pills and sprays, all of which ran me a whopping $80. I had forgotten how expensive medicine is here. In Brazil, all I have to do is walk through the pharmacy door, give some vague description of my symptoms (which for me is no problem since any description I can offer in Portuguese about anything is bound to be vague and, actually, completely inaccurate) and they hand me over boxes fit to cure my ailments. And the best part is, all the remedies are fairly inexpensive.

In any case, I’m here all full of mucous and sneezing, so full I can’t even hear straight. The upside is that I get to sit around and watch my fill of television before going back to tv-less Brazil, but even that’s no comfort knowing that with every passing minute I’m that much closer to being back on my own. Gross. And to make matters less comfortable, I heard from a friend who said Campinas is sweltering right now. My body’s not going to know which way is up, what with all this climate change. I sat in the sun today and actually got burned. It’s January, right?




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10 01 2008

Sorry to hear about your cold! It seems everyone is suffering some kind of flu symptoms around here! Your not too far from me – I’m in Somers, CT. Are you originally from CT?

Get well and have a safe trip back to Brazil!!


10 01 2008
Nilsa S.

Awwww, sorry to hear you’ve got a case of the down n’ outs. Maybe it’s supposed to be this way, so when you return to Brazil and magically get better, you’ll remind yourself how not-so-bad the weather is there compared to here?! Maybe? In any case, do take care of you and feel better soon.

10 01 2008

So sorry your suffering with a “homesick” cold already. Take care, lots of chicken soup, and tv.

10 01 2008

Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well Gina. Seriously, you should get yourself a neti pot…they work wonders! A shot of apple cider vinegar a couple times a day also helps to clear up a cold. Feel better soon!

10 01 2008

Funny you mentioned the neti pot. I just heard all about that thing a couple of days ago and it looks intriguing, if not confusing. Thanks for the remedy!

10 01 2008

Jimmy–I’m originally from Vermont. I left VT when I was 18 for college and have been on the move ever since!

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