…or it just might be denial that it’s time to go back to work.

16 01 2008

I did it again; stayed up until welllllll past my bedtime. It didn’t help that I took a nap yesterday afternoon for TWO HOURS. And by then it wasn’t even the afternoon, although it looked like it. The reason why it got dark so early up in Connecticut was that sun hides out down here all day long. Even at 8pm it’s still light enough to read without turning another light on. So when I say I took a nap yesterday afternoon, it was really at 6pm, and I woke up just in time to see the final light fade from the sky. I also didn’t know where I was when I opened my eyes. For a long time, I was just frozen on the couch, my eyes wandering around my living room ceiling and slowly beginning to panic. I even called out or at least made some noise indicating confusion until all the pieces floated back together and I realized I wasn’t at home in the States but facing the opposite direction on my couch that I normally do. I slept hard.

Yesterday was Back To Work Day #1. Today is #2, and so on until next Tuesday when the students actually arrive. I think that’s another reason I was so tired yesterday and why I’m not thrilled about being awake right now. I really hope I’m not up all hours tonight; I’m kind of getting sick of this.




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17 01 2008

I slept like that once during a nap. Richard reached down to wake me up and I immediately started crying. I was so confused about where I was that it scared me. Scared him to death. Haha! Hope everything gets back together for you. I can’t imagine the jet lag. Ugh.

17 01 2008

Oh, I’ve done that crying thing before but it was because my dream was so beautifully real that the moment I woke up I realized it was just a dream and was so sad that tears just poured forth. It was a horrific thing to happen because who wants to wake up from a dream so perfect and realize you’re in fact in a basement bedroom?

17 01 2008

I love those kind of dreams. Good stuff. I hardly ever have it happen though.

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