21 01 2008

Nothing witty for you tonight, folks. All my mental effort was spent at work tonight preparing units of learning for my students that will engage them and make them all want to be 7th grade English teachers when they grow up. So you can understand my exhaustion, I hope, when I tell you I was All About Shakespeare today (and for the past three days, actually). We’re starting Romeo & Juliet this semester and so, of course, I’m thrilled. I was brainstorming all sorts of cool activities and ways to get my kids thinking about the themes that arise, one of which involved me spending close to an hour transcribing an essay I heard on This American Life about Johnny and June Cash. It’s going to be a fun few months, I think, marked with some excellent moments of travel: to the Pantanal, to the US, to Morro de Sao Paulo (I’m going, Rachel!)

On a side note, did you know you can rent movies from iTunes? You can. I rented “Shakespeare in Love,” as my first pick and it took 24 hours to download.  The thing that really sucks about the rentals is that you only get to keep it for 24 hours after you start watching it. I’d rather keep it for three days. I think it’d be worth it that way. In any case, I came home today and spent my afternoon with Joseph Fiennes as my lovely Will Shakespeare and so I guess you could say it was a satisfying way to pass the hours. (PS: Did you know that of the 6 existing signatures by William Shakespeare himself, not one is spelled the way we currently spell his name? In addition, “Shakespeare” is not the accepted spelling in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotes. The accepted version is “Shakspeare.” And also, did you know I have a JOB because of Shakespeare/Shakspeare? But I’ll leave that story for another time. You can read about these interesting facts in Bill Bryson’s book “Shakespeare,” part of the Eminent Lives Series.)

And on another note, my dryer broke. Not totally–it still spins. But there’s no heat. So it’s kind of like tossing my wet clothes around in my refrigerator for three hours. The maintenance men from school came to my house today while I was at work and spent 6 hours working on it. I didn’t feel at all weird about men being in my apartment while I wasn’t around, not the least worried. Especially because I knew they wouldn’t see my underthings that I’ve strewn all over the apartment. Or that they’d overlook the piles of dirty dishes in the sink. And the jar of peanut butter on the coffee table would be invisible. I wasn’t at all prepared to have people in my apartment today but that’s how maintenance works here. The kicker is that it’s not fixed so they have to come back tomorrow. So that means that I have to clean up, which, at 9:45 on a Monday night is not the thing I want to be doing.

Ugh.  Time for bed.




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21 01 2008
Aunt Elizabeth

Hey Gina… one semester left? what will you do next? I am enjoying checking into this blog and seeing things about you on Facebook. Aunt E

21 01 2008

Weird- I read on TWO other blogs today that dryers were spinning but not producing heat.

22 01 2008

I love Shakespeare in Love. Great flick.

22 01 2008

I love Shakespeare. I wrote a huge essay in college about him and when I told about his misspelled name the professor disagreed with me until I verified it with books. Crazy! Professors hate being wrong and I love correcting them.
So weird about the dryer…my sisters dryer went out over the weekend and they had the heating element replaced yesterday.

22 01 2008

There must be some force in the atmosphere that’s causing dryers to die….

23 01 2008
Rachel L

FINALLY! (so excited to get a shout-out btw).

You’ll see what I’m talking about when you get there and won’t want to leave. Even if it rains, just sit on a beach on a chair and eat fried cheese. There’s just no better way to live life.

On a separate note, I was in New Haven for the first time ever – in the Yale area. I finally got what you were talking about – it was so darn cute!

9 06 2008

It’s a proven fact: men don’t see things that are where they don’t belong. They know where they go, because they know where to find them when they need them, but they don’t see them lying about and they don’t recognize that they’re not put away (because they don’t see them). Especially married men. Really!

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