22 01 2008

Brazil, as you may well know, is at the forefront of fashion. Sao Paulo fashion week is among the top-ranked destinations for designers to display their new apparel, and well it should be. The stores here are chock full of flashy designs and accessories that push global fashion into new frontiers. In short, Brazil is home to some of the most forward thinking designers in the world and we are lucky to have those designs trickle down into the clothes in affordable boutiques, the ones that line the cobble stone streets of our little city of Campinas.

What is unique about this forward thinking is that often, in the current styles, we see an incorporation of past trends. When for a time the legging was considered a fashion Don’t, it now constitutes a mainstay of the everyday wardrobe, calling on styles from the 60s and 70s. Likewise, the platform shoe: out for a decade and now suddenly back in, paired with a bell-bottom pant and accessorized with a big name hand bag and designer sun glasses.



THE NEWS TODAY: Slap Bracelets Are Back!

If there is one accessory I HAD to have in 7th grade, it was a snap bracelet.  All the cool kids had them, ALL the 8th grade girls and boys had them. Kids flicked them on and off so often that in the hallways it was a chorus of snaps and slaps. Today, during my first period English class, I heard the familiar click and thwap that could only be a slap bracelet and, upon further inspection, lo and behold, there it was. A rainbow striped slap bracelet that one of my students was clicking absent-mindedly as the flipped through the pages of his silent reading book. I confiscated it from him and then almost at once noticed that all the other students in the classroom were wearing their slap bracelets, secured one and a half times around their little wrists. I lay the bracelet on my desk and, after class, when my student forgot to claim it, I commenced the flipping I knew would happen.

It seemed, when I was in middle school, that these slap bracelets were so very in. And then, almost without warning, all the way out. One day they were all the rage, and the next old news. When did they disappear? When was I able to say goodbye to my slap bracelet collection? The fluorescent yellow bands and the bright pink one and the ones with sayings and the ones with designs? Honestly…when was it they died out?

I almost breathed a sigh of relief today, seeing them again. I thought they were gone for good. I’m not saying slap bracelets are my accessory of choice now, but they certainly bring me back to the days of hightops, Jump Rope for Heart in the middle school gym, and the NKOTB fanclub my mother didn’t let me join. Those were the days.




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22 01 2008
Nilsa S.

So long as leg warmers and neon socks aren’t back in style, I can deal with the bracelets.

22 01 2008

Ah, the slap bracelet. Brings back lots of memories!

22 01 2008

In regards to Nilsa’s comment: I have to say I saw many school kids across from my work yesterday with leg warmers of all different colors.
I found my slap bracelets at my parents house in a box full of things that were in style for that decade. I even found my NKOTB t-shirt with the rhinestones and glitter. Ahhh the good times.

22 01 2008

Seriously? Leg warmers? They’re back?!

I once had leg warmers. They were made of purple wool and had a landscape of sheep and flowers on them. I wore them over my hot pink and black sweat pants. My mom gave them to me for Christmas when I was in second grade and I was so excited to own them. However, once I arrived at school I learned that I was wearing them completely wrong (because the cool girls were wearing them completely right). I also learned, thanks again to the cool girls, that sheep are not a welcome pattern on leg warmers.

And thus ended my relationship with that particular accessory for eternity.

23 01 2008

Yes leg warmers! All kinds of striped, polka dots, and solids everywhere. I couldn’t believe my eyes. OH and today we were shopping for my nieces and the STIRRUP pant has arrived back on shelves. Thousands of these things in different colors lined the walls at Belk. I took pictures and am going to post it on my blog later on. Haha…so funny to think back to wearing this stuff.

23 01 2008

I wonder what they call them in Portuguese…aside from the general term, pulseira.

I motion to bring back Pog. All in favour….


23 01 2008


23 01 2008
gina coggio

Ha! Hilarious! Everything above: stir-up pants, Pogs, and “NOT”! I had a shirt once that said “NOT.” I thought it was the coolest.

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