How to Fall in Love. (Or, “Everything I Know About Love I Learned from A 5th Grader”)

29 01 2008

I was writing a witty introduction for what will follow but the more I typed the less sense I made. I’m going to let these words speak for themselves and maybe you’ll get a laugh out of this. And if you know any men out there who are looking for a girlfriend, maybe throw this blog at them and let them read this post. It’s sure to clear up any misconceptions about the basics of dating that may have gotten lost over the years. Sometimes guys need refresher courses.

Question: What does it feel like to be in love?

“When we see the person that we like, we see the sky at that moment.  When she smiles at you it’s like the best feeling in the world.  And if she likes you, go ahead ask her in a romantic way for her to be your girlfriend.

Never ask another person to tell her that you love her, do it yourself.

A romantic way of telling you want to be with her is maybe writing a song or a 100% romantic card.

When you’re with the girl and her best friend is a boy, don’t be jealous because you know she loves you.  And if her second best friend is a girl that likes you, try to not upset her when you stay with the girl you like.

When you like a girl try to be funny, but at the same time, not ridiculous.

If you like a girl, try to stay closer and be nicer.

Make it clear that you love her even if others are against it.”

This advice comes from an interview that one of my 7th graders did with a younger student in preparation for reading “Romeo and Juliet.” Had Romeo followed this list of do’s and don’ts (especially that last one, and the one about being “nicer.” Certainly it’s not very nice to kill your wife’s cousin, no matter how angry he is to begin with), I assure you things would have turned out drastically different for the young couple.




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30 01 2008

Enlightenment on love from a 7th grader for Romeo and Juliet…really could relate to anyone “in love” today. Very sweet and innocent. They should really post this at all schools to teach the boys a lesson in “courting”..haha.

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