On the edge of the wetland.

2 02 2008

I write you this morning from Campo Grande, the largest town closest to the Pantanal. We arrived this morning after close to 15 hours on a bus, and after a quick shower and outfit change, we’re ready for another 5 hours, to go deep into the wetland. I’m very excited and the weather is finally beautiful. All those going to Carnaval in Rio or Sao Paulo or anywhere along the coast should have beautiful days and crazy nights ahead of them. Here, out in the south-west of the country, I imagine heat and afternoon showers and very little craziness.  I also know for a fact that there’s no chance for me to touch base until I return to Campinas, so with that, I leave you for a few days.

I will return with stories and pictures!




5 responses

4 02 2008

I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

4 02 2008

I’m glad the weather is cooperating.

5 02 2008

Travel safe.

5 02 2008

can’t wait to hear about it. send out the bat signal once you’re back in town! (signed, YFIB)

6 02 2008

Bat Signal Sent!

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