Post Pantanal.

7 02 2008

Congratulations on getting through that last post; I realize it was a long one. So in honor of your patience and willingness to read through all those words, I reward you with this short one. When it finishes uploading and I add the link when I’m not exhausted, it will be the video version of the post below, greatly abbreviated. Don’t fault me on the quality of the film; I may have a boyfriend in the film industry but that doesn’t mean jack when it comes to my skills.

I think I also have yellow fever. Probably not, but my head is pounding and my stomach was killing me today. That second symptom may have been due to the rice and beans I ordered at THE SKETCHIEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD in Campo Grande on Tuesday where, while I ate said rice and beans, I was witness to several transactions within the world’s oldest profession, if you know what I mean. I’m not sure what made me more ill: the rice and beans, or the fact that the customers there weren’t so much customers of the restaurant as they were vendors of an altogether different type of product. I know I didn’t mention that part in my post yesterday, but I had to throw in it this blog somewhere, and today’s as good a day as any.

Right now it’s dumping rain, furiously, for the third or fourth time today. It’s coming in my windows sideways, just hurling itself in. Kind of makes me nostalgic for the sun of the Pantanal. I’ve never seen so much constant rain in my life.




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