Over the phone verbatim.

25 02 2008

Gina: Did you mail that letter I gave you at the airport?

Dennis: What letter?

Gina: The letter I gave you.

Dennis: The email?

Gina: No. The letter.

(long pause)

Dennis: Oh! That!

(long pause)

Gina: Do you know where it is?

Dennis: Yes. (pause) Of course.

Gina: Where is it?

Dennis: In my backpack.

Gina: Why is it in your backpack?

Dennis: Because you gave it to me.

Gina: I gave it to you at the airport. You put it in your jacket pocket.

Dennis: Yeah.

Gina: Is it in your jacket pocket?

Dennis:  Yes.

Gina: How do you know?

Dennis: I felt it there.

Gina: When?

Dennis: Today.

Gina: Why didn’t you mail it?

Dennis: I just forgot about it.

Gina: Don’t forget to mail it. It has my social security number on it.

Dennis: I won’t. (pause) G, I gotta go. I gotta eat my dinner now.

(long pause)

Gina: You’re going to look for the letter, aren’t you?

Dennis: (laughing, caught red handed) I looooovvvvvve you!

Gina: (pause) Where’s the letter, Dennis?


Dennis: Oh, I found– I know exactly where it is.

Gina: You “found” it? Where’s the letter, Dennis?

Dennis: In my backpack.

Gina: It’s not in your jacket?

Dennis: No. It’s in my backpack. I saw it there today.

Gina: Don’t forget to mail it.

Dennis: I’m writing it down on my hand.

Gina: No, you’re not.

Dennis: Yes, I am.

Gina: No, you’re not. You’re in the hallway. Why would you have a pen in the hallway?

Dennis: (pause.) I just have a pen.  I’m writing “Gina” on my thumb.

Gina: “‘Gina’ on your thumb?”

Dennis: Yes. I had “Joe” there originally, so now I just scratched it out and wrote “Gina.”

Gina: Why did you write “Joe” on your thumb?

Dennis: I didn’t have a notebook.

Gina:  (typing the beginning of the conversation) I gotta call you back. I’ll call you right back. This is too good.




7 responses

25 02 2008


I know what YOU mailed, though…my package!! I got it today!! Incredible. I love it so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

25 02 2008
Tina (aka Mom)

No one else will get this, but NOW I understand why you didn’t answer my first email….. I can picture this scene sooooooooo perfectly !

25 02 2008

Yay for presents from Brazil!!! 🙂 So glad you liked them!

(And Mom, yeah. Sorry about that. It’s not my fault.)

26 02 2008

Joe Thumb, Gina Thumb, Tom….

26 02 2008
Nilsa S.

Oh! The little things between a man and woman. It’s what makes our worlds go round. Love it!

26 02 2008

Love this post because it sounds exactly like Richard and I. Haha. LOVE the package from that I received yesterday in the mail. The entire envelope smelled heavenly. The colors match perfectly to many of the colors our home holds and what Rich calls a chicken has found its spot in my kitchen. Primary colors are my absolute favorite. You are such a sweetheart! We must meet some day.

27 02 2008

I’m so glad you like the gifts!! I forgot to translate the card attached to the rooster, but it was something like “The rooster symbolizes prosperity and fullness in your life.” I forget the exact words.

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