The week of romantic comedies.

28 02 2008

In my after-school hours, I’ve been spending copious hours watching movies. So far it’s been episode after episode of The Office Season 3 and a pretty bad movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd, who I kept calling Judd Nelson. Never been good with names, actually.

Today it’s still a little The Officey because I’m watching a film with John Krasinski who is the darling “Jim” on my favorite television series. This movie, “License to Wed,” is ridiculous because of everyone except for John Krasinski. Next up is “Waitress” and I know next to nothing about it. Probably not a good sign.

Eh, whatever. It’s my time. I’ve got a huge bowl of popcorn and I’m perfectly happy on my little orange couch. Life is good, even if I’m alone with three romantic comedies.




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28 02 2008

You may hate it after you see it, but I really liked Waitress. I’ve always really liked Keri Russell.

29 02 2008

She was in “Felicity,” wasn’t she? Or am I getting her confused with someone else? I think I liked “Felicity.”

29 02 2008

Yes, she was Felicity. And after watching that movie I’m sure you were wanting more than a bowl of popcorn. I craved pies for DAYS after that movie.

29 02 2008
Nilsa S.

Sounds like a lovely week to me. I’m so very much looking forward to my down-time this weekend!

29 02 2008

I love the the office.

29 02 2008

me to Jennie.

1 03 2008

Ooh! I just finished watching “Waitress”…… And it was REALLY good! SURPRISINGLY good! I might watch it again! It was really clever! But it made me mad a little (a lot) because why didn’t she tell anyone (and why didn’t she do anything about) the fact that Earl was beating her?

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