In true Brazilian fashion.

29 02 2008

This morning I received notice that my identification card, for which I applied in September 2006, is ready to be picked up at the Federal Police.




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29 02 2008

September 2006? That’s insane.

29 02 2008

Oh, SO much is insane here.
SO much is insane.

29 02 2008
Nilsa S.

Sounds like it’s just as insane for Americans in Brazil as it is for Brazilians in America. Touche?

29 02 2008

How nice…geesh why don’t they wait until your back and then call you in for it.

1 03 2008

The US and Brazil has a nice reciprocity thing going on which, I believe, the US started. The only reason why Brazilians have a difficult time getting into the US is because the US has made it difficult, requiring visas and $$. Therefore, Brazil has made it complicated for Americans to enter the country. HOWEVER, because things are more efficient in the US and the process of getting a visa to go to Brazil is more efficient (annoying but more efficient) at Brazilian consulates in the US, it’s much less of a hassle for Americans than it is for Brazilians. A Brazilian friend of mine here is trying to get a visa to go to the US.
He has to:
Set up an appointment at the US consulate here in Sao Paulo.
Go for an INTERVIEW.
Pay $$.

Talk about insane.

1 03 2008

Craziness…nothing to do with the above…but…my mom’s nephew lives in Ontario Canada and his wife is Canadian and their boys are of course both. They have been trying to come home to the US for almost 10 years now. It takes forever once you turn in the paperwork to get approved even though she is married to my cousin who is American.

2 03 2008

Oh my goodness. Well, my story pales in comparison to theirs. Yikes. And that’s Canada! You’d think it’d be a little more efficient.

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