Moment: With the Doritos.

6 03 2008

Listening to at school.

I normally listen to the Joshua Radin station or The Weepies station, but today I put in Journey and all the great Journey-esque bands come over the Internet waves and float happily through my classroom, which is empty of students. Just me and my computer and some Word document I’m trying to make.

Hunger overwhelms me. I take off to the gas station next to school and grab a small bag of Doritos. When I return, is still playing so I sit down to check my e-mail and read blogs continue working. Suddenly, Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” begins to play. This song is my running song. It is the one I will listen to thirty-three times in a row and no matter how painful my lungs are from gasping for air, I will crank up the volume and run faster. I don’t know how to explain it other than by assuming Survivor probably put subliminal messages into this particular song like, “Faster! Faster! Whatever you’re doing, do it faster!”

So it was that I suddenly found myself chewing my Doritos like never before: so quickly, with a force so new to my jaw I felt a burning in my teeth. Without realizing it, I’d plunged my hand into the bag and consumed it all before the song was half over. How mortifying. Had I been able to walk by and see myself there as I sat at my desk, jamming out to a hit single off an early-80’s boxing movie, diving my hand repeatedly at top speed into a red crinkly bag of cheese-flavored corn chips, I’m not sure I’d look at myself in quite the same way again. I was in my own world there, I guess, and delightfully unaware of everyone who walked by who did see me jamming out to a hit single off an early-80s boxing movie, with orange cheese dust gracing my fingers and my face. If I get any comical looks tomorrow, I’ll know why.

Oh, the humility.




4 responses

6 03 2008

Eye of the Tiger will do it to you. My best friend and her roommate in college listened to that song every morning before classes. So funny.

7 03 2008

LOVE The Weepies!

8 03 2008

My husband just brought home some girl scout cookies. I am making a mental note to NOT listen to my running songs while in the presence of the thin mints.

9 03 2008
gina coggio


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