Spitzer’s Surprise.

13 03 2008

Having read about Eliot Spitzer and the “Spitzer Scandal,” so named by the Times this morning, I remain puzzled about one thing: do people in power not understand that, in this age of technology and information, they are being watched constantly? Do they not understand that the more power they wield the more people see what they do? The Spitzer business itself doesn’t surprise me in the least; there is a long history of men in power abusing that power and involving themselves in scandal. But what does surprise me is that he would think no one would know. With MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, wire-tapping, digital technology, microtechnology, surveillance cameras,  the still-fresh Clinton/Lewinski scandal, and all variations of “the Press” aching for a story, it is a wonder to me how anyone with any amount of social or political influence would act outside ethical bounds and not expect to have someone find out.  So here we have yet another example of a clueless idiot taking power in the United States thinking he is somehow above the law, somehow an Untouchable. This makes me sad for us. 




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13 03 2008

The problem with Morally corrupt people is that they just don’t realize that what they are doing is morally corrupt until it is pointed out at a press conference.

13 03 2008
Nilsa S.

Everything you say is true. But honestly? It’s not only those in the public eye who are doing this. It’s lots of people in lots of positions coming from many different socio-economic-cultural backgrounds. Not that I agree with it, but maybe we just have to accept this is a part of our society. And quit paying so much attention to something that should remain between a man, a woman and their family.

15 03 2008


16 03 2008

I totally agree. But don’t you think that how a person treats his or her own family is indicative of how he or she will treat the other “family members” he’s responsible for representing? I mean, maybe that’s what this is also about. Not just the fact that he did this thing, but the hypocrisy inherent in his doing so.

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