14 03 2008

I woke up this morning twice. Once at 1:35 so I could write an e-mail, and then again at 6 like I normally do. I did everything like I normally do at 6 o’clock, like open my eyes, hit the snooze button, sleep later than I want, and fire off a series of groans and swear words, and then finally get up to go to the shower, only this time, upon turning on the shower, no water came out. No hot water, that is. And as I stood there with one arm in the falling water, trying to judge by the second if the water was getting warmer or if my skin was just getting used to the cold, I soon realized it was the latter and then began the Mission S.M.F, a.k.a, Save-My-Face. Nothing is worse than morning face and when it became obvious that a shower would not be the thing to fix it, I was lost. Long story short: not the best way to start the day, seeing as for the rest of it I just felt gross. My skin could feel itself and I didn’t want any part of that. A morning shower wakes me up, brings down my puffy eyes, and generally makes me feel alive if the swearing hadn’t done so already.  Now I’m preparing to go out with my two friends and (I realize I could have typed “two of my friends” to make it sound like I have way more than two, but the first way is actually painfully closer to the truth) can’t even think about leaving my house and being presentable, having lived for so long this day in my own grubbiness. We have plans to go to dinner and then possibly, possibly, to a club. It’s 80s night tonight and quite honestly, I am in no kind of mood to go to it. I never am, so that shouldn’t really be a surprise. I hate dance clubs because when I dance I feel like a fool. If I go tonight, though, at least I’ll be a clean fool, which is more than I can say for myself about the majority of the day. Today is Friday, though, isn’t it? Oh, how I welcome this weekend. I love you, Weekend, I love you and want to marry you and have all your little babies. Just picture it: little Saturdays and Sundays running around the house. They’d have my love of reading and your peace and quiet. What a wonderful life it would be. 




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15 03 2008

I can’t function without my morning shower time. I’m not sure there is anything worse…is there? Happy Weekend to us all! Although it is closer to Monday now than I would like.

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