15 03 2008

Does anyone know how to fix this formatting? WordPress won’t make separate paragraphs. It’s all coming out in a big block, even though when I type in rich editing I put my writing in separate paragraphs. So when I hit “publish,” it transforms automatically into huge block paragraphs.Any ideas?




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15 03 2008
Citizen D

I’ve been having the same problem. Any chance you’re using a Mac? I never experienced it when I was still using a Microsoft operating system. I consider it a small price overall for improved functionality, though.

Anyway, I have to go into the code view, rather than the visual, when writing a post and manually separate the paragraphs. Sort of a pain in the butt…

I’d definitely be interested to hear if anyone has a better solution.

15 03 2008

Actually, I am using a Mac. I’ve been writing using Safari and Firefox and have had the same problem with both. And even when I write in code instead of visual it does the same thing, that same block paragraph thing. I can’t stand it! I’ve never had a problem with this before….maybe it’s just a glitch with wordpress?

19 03 2008

Gina, those who enjoy your blog will continue to read it regardless of the formatting. Within reason, that is. I hope I won’t need to assume some strange Yoga pose to read it.

19 03 2008

Ha ha! Hilarious. Maybe a downward facing dog would help everything.

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