How to make a vitamina.

18 03 2008

A vitamina is a fruit shake. It’s one of the first drinks I had in Brazil and it’s a treat every now and then. Very healthy, very fresh. Brazilians loves fresh juice and whenever I have the chance, I order a vitamina as an afternoon snack. Or for breakfast. Or basically anytime I want one, which is often. Luckily we have such good fruit here that I can make my own, thereby saving a few centavos here and there.

If you want to make one for yourself and if you own a blender, you’ll be very happy with the recipe below. It’s just about the easiest thing in the world to make and you can switch it up with any kinds of fruits you want. So here we go…

Vitamina Tradicional
(makes about 4 servings in a small cup)

1 small banana (or a half of a large one; this is a thickener so don’t put too much in or else you’ll suck your teeth right out of your head.)
1 peeled apple (macintosh or gala or fuji would work well)
1 half of a fresh papaya
skim milk (or any kind really, but skim is the only kind of milk I use. I think the flavor will come out a lot more if you use 2% or whole.)

Put all the fruit in a blender. Pour in milk so that it fills about half of the blender, maybe a little less. Start with less and then add more milk if you don’t like the consistency.

Say: “Wow, Gina was really right. This stuff is absolutely delicious.”
Think: “I should really send her a thank you note.”





8 responses

18 03 2008
Tina (aka Mom)

Papaya is now at the top of tomorrow’s shopping list – then I will happily complete that to-do list of yours (all except for the “Share” part, because you-know-who will not partake of anything near as healthy as this – so, all the more for ME … yippee!!)

18 03 2008

Just tell him it tastes like dessert.

18 03 2008

Oh my gosh my brain. I totally went straight to “I Love Lucy” with the name if this drink.
Sounds yummy and am about to go try it since I have all the fruit except papaya and I will substitute a mango. I love fruit. This could get addictive.

19 03 2008
Nilsa S.

Reminds me of summer. God, I can’t wait for this awful inbetween weather to pass.

19 03 2008

Oh, vitaminas are just about the most delicious things EVER in the world. (After Hershey Kisses, of course.)

Other delicious combinations are: peach/banana/milk, strawberry/milk, raspberry/peach/milk, peach/apple/milk.

If you don’t want to make it with milk, or if you want to use citrus fruits like pineapples or limes, you can use water instead.

Also, some people add sugar to the drinks, but if I use milk I never add sugar. Only if I use water. And I never use water, so I guess that means I never add sugar. But I think you would really want to if you blend water and a mix of citrus fruits because maybe not all the fruits would be super ripe at the same time.

20 03 2008

I couldn’t agree more with you, Baby C! “Vitaminas” rock! They’re so good that until I drank my first cup of a “Vitaminas,” I did not understand how something so deliciously sweet and fruity could be so healthy! You go, girlfriend, spread the word and “Vitaminas” around the world!

24 03 2008

Delicious! Thanks for the recipe, Gina.

24 03 2008

Did you try it, Harold?! What fruits did you use?!

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