Inhale, exhale, look at the instructor.

18 03 2008

I went to my first yoga class today. This is not to say I have never done yoga before, because I have. I have never done yoga in Portuguese before. And now I have done that, too. I was hesitant to take a yoga class because, early on as many of you may remember, I did not speak Portuguese at all and there was something unnerving about trying to do a relaxation pose while trying to figure out what the instructor was saying. As time went on I became more and more resistant to the idea even though my Portuguese was expanding rapidly.

But this weekend, my body and mind came to a cross roads and they both broke down and yelled at me for hours on end about how I should be doing yoga and to get over myself because I speak enough Portuguese to endure an hour-long class, during most of which there’s no talking anyway.

So I write to you today having stretched and breathed and relaxed as well as I could, and also having signed up for unlimited yoga classes from now until the time I leave. Yoga is expensive here, definitely. Moreso than the gym. But it’s yoga. And also, I negotiated my own price, which is basically the best thing ever.  The only weird thing about the situation was that everyone walks around kissing each other goodbye afterwards. I didn’t even know these people and there I was kissing them farewell. It’s a Brazilian thing, certainly, and one so foreign to my own practice of yoga that I couldn’t help but laugh. After class we sat around drinking tea, which was nice, and kissing each other goodbye, which kind of wasn’t quite so nice. But I’ll get over it as long as I am nice and relaxed and knowing I am doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

I’m so happy to be doing this again.




3 responses

18 03 2008
Tina (aka Mom)

And I’m so happy to hear that again!!

18 03 2008

Maybe Yoga would be more inviting here if everyone kissed each other afterwards. No one is that nice in America. I could certainly see someone suing over being kissed in Yoga by a stranger. God forbid. Haha

19 03 2008

Yay for yoga. I have not been in forever and it will be one of the first things I resume when I am done with this degree. Take an extra cleansing breath for me…I will be at home weeping to myself in child’s pose.

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