Unnecessary purchases.

20 03 2008

There are two things I am willing to spend money on from now until I leave. One is yoga, which I’ve already paid for so that’s over, and the second is the trip I’m taking to Bahia in April. (An impossible 3 weeks away! How’d that happen?) I’m pinching my pennies centavos in every possible way for the next three months. Case closed.

Or so I thought. Because I just now went to the store that’s on the walk home from the bus stop with one—-ONE—-item in mind to buy: cereal. “Cereal, cereal, cereal, cereal. I’ve got to remember cereal.” That was the one thought I had all afternoon. Stopping off at the Horti Fruti (which is what I call the fruit center, which is actually called The Fruit Center, I don’t know why I’ve named it something it isn’t at all) I made my purchases and a scant ten minutes later found myself in my apartment with the following items: two boxes of milk, two things of spaghetti sauce, three apples, a papaya, a bag of mini breads, and a carton of strawberries. No cereal.

What the hell, Gina? What’s going on? You’ve just come from yoga, all relaxed, all centered and balanced, with one activity for the afternoon: buy cereal. Next time, instead of chanting “Om” like you did today at the start of class, try chanting “Cereal.” Maybe you were too focused on the roundness of “Om” and had it in your mind to buy things that were round. Or that came from round things.




4 responses

20 03 2008

I never end up with what I intended on buying. Vitamina’s still on your mind.

21 03 2008
Nilsa S.

I hate that. When you go to the store with one thing in mind and come out with anything but. Now that I think about it? I did the same thing yesterday. Go to the store to buy bottled water, soy milk and Time Out Chicago. I came home with water. sigh

21 03 2008

(Yeah, but those mini breads I bought? REALLY good.)

21 03 2008

I had mini breads tonight with spinach dip. Yum.

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