Another weekend come and gone.

30 03 2008

It’s been another slow, but lovely, weekend at the Coggio household in Brazil. I’ve spent my time reading, practicing yoga, and going to school. Last night there was an amazing Youth Art show at the school and I went there expecting to see some decent art and left there blown away by the talent of our students. There was music, drama, and art installations of drawings and video and clothing design. Seriously, I left there wanting to purchase some of the art for myself and to ask one of the bands if they would play a private party. That music, especially the final set of the night, was just unreal. It was the kind of slow, relaxing instrumental stuff I would pay to hear in New York. I wish I had a clip of it so you could believe me, and so that I could believe that I actually heard it because it was some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time.

What else? Oh. I fed some cats. On my street everyday there are any number of cats who roam up and down and hide under cars, scared of everything. Often I’ve seen them eating trash, ripping through the garbage bags that people put on the street, and it makes me so sad to see them in the garbage, these skinny grey things hunched down over rotting meat and banana peels. So yesterday I bought a bag of dry cat food and on my walk down the hill, scooped out handfuls of it and gave it to the cats. At first they didn’t trust me, but then once they started sniffing around to see what it was I’d dropped, they scarfed up the food like they’d never seen food before. And I’d argue they never have, at least none of which is fit for a cat. I fed three cats, one of which was lying around on a warm stone all lazy-like and who I see all the time. This cat actually ate out of my hand, which was cool, and so I gave it some more food. People passed by me and looked at me strangely, but I didn’t care. The cats were happy and that was the purpose. Soon came more cats, though: five in total. And I figured that I didn’t want to have a cat war on my hands, so I dropped a couple more handfuls of the food and went on my way.

Part of me wonders, in a country where there are thousands of people going hungry, why I bothered feeding five cats. But they need food, too, the cats. They are here with us, too, and to my knowledge, I’ve never been robbed or hurt by cats. Someone’s got to make sure that they don’t just eat garbage. And I don’t see anyone else checking in on them or giving them anything healthy to eat.




3 responses

30 03 2008

Aww that was so cute! hahaha I totally imagine you feeding cats! hahahaha

30 03 2008
Tina (aka Mom)

It means so very much to me that you are the kind of person who not only sees the need, and feels this need, but then goes ahead and does something about it. You know the tears that were coming down my face while I was reading this….

31 03 2008

Mom, you know you don’t have to cry. It kind of makes me angry (not your crying) that more people don’t look out for the little things. They’re the best part of my walking up or down the hill.

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