Helping Emily.

1 04 2008


The thing is, I don’t know this girl and I don’t know this family. I hardly know the blogger from whom I learned about Emily, and I don’t even know if this is going to do any good at all or if it’s just more dots on a white screen.

What I do know is that cancer is a scary thing and that when a family like Emily’s is struggling with a cancer like Emily’s, the right thing to do is show support. I urge you, please, to go to Not That You Asked and just read what’s there. If you care to give more than just a glance at the page, I know—-without knowing the family—-how appreciative they’ll be.

This blog reaches a few hundred people a day and I hope that it can do a little good somehow. Cancer’s a thing that was a big part of my life when I was younger and I know it’s a thing that’s a pretty big part of too many other people’s lives. Just read what’s there and consider the awesome power of the Internet, a thousand anonymous people showing love and support any way they can.

Thank you.




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1 04 2008

Cancer is such a scary word.

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