Welcome April.

1 04 2008

Ahhh. My birthday month begins. The big count-down to the less-than-big 2-9. The exciting thing about my birthday this year is that it’s not during vacation or on a weekend, so this means attention. The worst thing about being born to two parents who work in public school is that they pretty much had my birth scheduled to the minute, during school vacation and timed so that the end of maternity leave would coincide with the beginning of summer vacation, hence six solid months of rest. In any case, I was born during April vacation and my birthdays have been bitter sweet because I was never the girl to get all the attention during the school day, but my friend who was born three days before me, did. Oh, the jealousy. 

So this year, I’m all excited because the day we return from spring vacation is my birthday and it will be the first time in as long as I can remember that I’ve been in school on my birthday. This might seem like a stupid thing for many (if not all) of you, but it brings me cheer. In addition, in between now and then is a big long trip to Salvador and a visit from a really good friend. I think this might be just about the best month of the year, not including the month when I get to go back to the States and stay there for as long as I want. That’ll be good times, too.




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1 04 2008
Tina (aka Mom)

I, of course, felt that is was excellent planning on our part…

1 04 2008

Of course you did. And you probably made the doctor give you a report card after it was all said and done: “Well, Tina, I’m quite pleased with the effort you gave during labor. I’d say it was an A-. Coulda been an A had you not screamed so much for the epidural.”

1 04 2008
Tina (aka Mom)

Just you wait….

1 04 2008

I wrote and rewrote this like 5 times because I have two thing to tell and every time I write it it sounds strange so:
1-I’m happy that your birthday is on a school day
2- I wanted to ask if you are better from today in the morning because after you gave us class I didn’t see you and you left before 3:00 so I didn’t have the chance to ask. Are you better?

1 04 2008

Listen, by the time I have a child, scientists will have invented a way to grow babies in cups of water on window sills, kind of like those magic foam dinosaur things you buy in souvenir shops. I’ll sign up for a kid then. So it looks like you’re the one who’ll be waiting, grandma.

1 04 2008

Oh Luana, better? You mean, am I not feeling sick anymore? I’m not feeling sick anymore. I don’t know what that was all about. I haven’t had an ear infection since I was 5, so whatever it was already left my system. Thank you so much for asking! How kind you are! (And your English!!! Goodness! Who’s your teacher? She’s amazing!)
(Oh, and PS: I definitely didn’t leave before 3. I left at 5! gross.)

1 04 2008

I hear ya on the Birthday problem. I was born in bittersweet July the 3rd to be exact. Where was everyone on my birthday….not with me that’s for sure. Haha! Oh well I look forward to my 29th year!

3 04 2008
Nilsa S.

So, when’s the special day? April is a lovely month to have a birthday. Better than December when people are still hungover from Thanksgiving and already thinking about Christmas!

3 04 2008

You know what’s great about my birthday? It’s Earth Day! April 22nd! I LOVE that it’s Earth Day. I always wanted to give people seeds on my birthday, but have never done it.

13 04 2008
Eyitayo Alloysius

So, when’s the special day? April is a lovely month (14 /04 /08 my birthday )to have a birthday. Better than December when people are still hungover from Thanksgiving

14 04 2008

I love my birthday as much as you love yours, and I, too, stretch it out for the entire month. So glad yours falls on a weekday this year. : )

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