Classroom Art.

4 04 2008


iPod Silvia



Raquel & Marcelo

My classroom




8 responses

4 04 2008
Nilsa S.

Did your students make that art? It’s really awesome! Also, since when do classrooms have nice hardwood floors? Oh to be taken back to the days of linoleum tiles. Ugh!

4 04 2008

Yeah! These are my kids and their art! Isn’t it all just SO amazing?! I am SO excited to have them in my classroom. I love it!

And yeah, I feel really lucky to have such nice floors. Unfortunately, since there’s so much traffic on my floors they get really scuffed up really quickly. I remember the first time I saw my classroom….so surprised about the floors!

4 04 2008
Tina (aka Mom)

Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I cannot imagine what it took to do that artwork – what a wonderful feel they give to your classroom. The projects are fantastic, fun, exciting, lovely, and so amazing (I don’t like to use that word, because everyone uses it all the time – but in this case it deserves to be used). Kudos to your students, as well as to their art teacher!!

5 04 2008

okay. i’m officially jealous. if one of these cutouts happen to come to life and end up in another classroom, i swear IT WASN’T ME.

5 04 2008

OH MY GOD. Those are the coolest things I have ever seen made in an art class. WOW.
Are you SURE there is no way to bring them home with you??? Imagine your next classroom decorated with those! Can you fed-ex them home?

5 04 2008

There is nothing more that I want than to bring those “kids” back home and put them in my new classroom. Could you imagine?! I was thinking of a creative way to get them back, and then I thought maybe I’d make a photo album of the actual kids posed next to their cutouts in the same positions.

I’m so excited you all like them so much!!! I’ll definitely pass on your excitement to the artists! (AND to their teacher…..she rocks.)

7 04 2008

Oh my goodness! FANTASTIC! You have to find a way to bring them back with you because they are wonderful!

14 04 2008

Wow. Those are nothing like I expected when you described them in the previous entry. I thought it sounded like a cool project, but OH MY WORD are they amazing!! Astounding, really.

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